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First 2L Summer Student at Cassels Calgary

When I started here I did not know what to expect – I am the first student Cassels Brock’s Calgary office had hired in the 2L recruit for a summer position. Being at a newer and growing office, I was not sure what types of files I would get to work on. Would there be a volleyball team like the Toronto office?

Now that I am half way through my term, I still have not played any volleyball, but I am pleased that I have had the opportunity to work on a number of big and interesting files. These include: regulatory applications for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project with our Regulatory partner, CNRL’s $3.8 Billion purchase of Devon Energy assets with our Business Law partner and $100 million insolvency files with our Restructuring & Insolvency Group partner.

What is the common thread running through all these experiences? Our growing office has big and interesting files! I am also getting the opportunity to work directly with some really knowledgeable senior lawyers instead of working through a big hierarchy. Everyone has been great at involving me in their work, explaining the context behind it, and helping me develop my skills.

Now I just have to get that volleyball team going!

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Best Lunch Eats Downtown Vancouver

Hello, Blogwell readers! Having been in the office for only three weeks, the Vancouver students are still learning their way around all the nooks and crannies of CBB Vancouver, but in true Vancouver fashion, we know all the lunch spots pretty well. Cassels treated us to an incredible lunch at Miku with some of the best sushi, views (and company!) in the city on our first day, but alas we’ll focus on highlighting the lunch options that we can actually afford on a daily basis.

Angela is obsessed with Soho Road Naan Kebab, an Indian food truck that parks right outside the Vancouver City Centre entrance. While butter chicken is good for the soul, it is not the best for post-lunch itis. If you’re looking for something that won’t put you in a coma, Tractor makes awesome salads and has a huge variety of options. Fujiya is also a great spot for takeout sushi and bento boxes, in addition to Japanese snacks and sodas!


Lauren’s go-to smoothie spot is Body Energy Club. It really helps with balancing out all of the junky snacks she gets from her officemate Angela.

While Shayna has been admirably meal-prepping for all of the last two weeks, she prefers the likes of Cactus Club and Earls, a sign of a true Vancouverite. She highly recommends visiting Earls’ test kitchen in Yaletown. And of course, we can’t forget Chipotle



The Vancouver students are looking forward to exploring more lunch options over the course of the summer, overlooking our incredible view of the mountains and ocean. Take that, Toronto!



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CBB Vancouver Cooks Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House

On Wednesday, CBB Vancouver hosted a Family Meal at the Ronald McDonald House near the BC Children’s Hospital. Staff and lawyers alike attended the event to BBQ a big meal for all of the families at the Ronald McDonald House. The event was a great success as we served over 100 people!

The Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation to ill children and their families when they must travel to Vancouver for treatment at the BC Children’s Hospital. Families at the House are often thrust into these difficult situations quickly and by surprise. Offering to make a meal for them gives them one less meal that they have to plan for and a little extra time to spend with each other.


CBB Vancouver @ the House

After the event, we received a tour of the new facilities at the House, got to spend some time in the Magic RoomTM, and went down the slides that go from floor to floor. All in all, it was a great way to spend some time out of the office and with awesome colleagues.

The summer students of CBB Vancouver are responsible for organizing this charitable event for staff and lawyers to attend each year. This will be the third year that CBB Vancouver attended the Ronald McDonald House for a Family Meal during the summertime and it is a tradition we hope to see continued!

Winda and Laith

Student Organizers, Laith and Winda take a well-deserved break for vanity

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2016 Vancouver Pride Run / Walk

On July 24th, Cassels participated in the Vancouver Pride Run & Walk. The event is a 5 km run or walk along the seawall where participants can choose to stop at the Disco Water Station to get lathered in love and sparkles.

There were some amazing costumes – walking rainbows, cute gang of sailors in short shorts and pink neck ties, fluffy tutus, and much more. Families and friends came to support us as some of us huffed and puffed and others breezed through it with a shining smile.

The Pride Run & Walk is an annual event and all proceeds go to Out in Schools and the LOUD Foundation. Not only did we enjoy the energy level at the seawall during the run, we also enjoyed replenishing our energy with brunch by the water afterwards!

Vancouver Pride Run

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