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The Uncanny Similarities Between Summering At A Law Firm And Pokémon GO



I wanna be the very best… like no one ever was… In-firms were my real test… a job was my cause…

Since its release on July 6, Pokémon Go has been all the rage. I still have fond memories of popping that blue cartridge into my GameBoy and collecting those cards (I had a holograph Zapdos – that wasn’t a typo).  The topic of this blogpost started out as a joke in the office, but we decided to make it a reality. Below are three ways of explaining summering at a law firm through Pokémon Go:

1.         Picking Your Starting Pokémon:

The first challenge of Pokémon GO is the crucial decision between picking your starting Pokemon: either Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu (note: if the fourth option seemed wrong to you, please be advised that your Trainer Level is too low). This decision is similar to an email you get from your Student Director about what rotations you’d like to prioritize or which practice groups you’d like to sit close to. In that given moment, it is important to pick carefully based on your interests, but is impossible to know exactly how the workflow of the summer will unfold. I would suggest to pick based on your interests but keep an open mind to the other practice groups / Pokémon.

2.         Registering new Pokémon into your Pokédex:

The main goal of Pokémon GO is to explore different areas in your city to find as many different Pokémon as possible. While summering at a full-service firm, I think it’s also important to increase your exposure to different files and practice groups. Summer is a great opportunity to get your feet wet before you make some decisions for your rotations in articling.

3.         Lure Modules:

When you get to a firm, associates will tell you to go introduce yourself to other lawyers and solicit work from a variety of people. Soliciting work is like dropping a lure: a Squirtle might pop up out of nowhere, but you might also get the occasional Pidgey as well. Just be careful not to drop too many lures in a row or else you’ll be stuck in the not-so-desirable situation of passing up great work because you’re overloaded.

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Cassels Takes on Axe-Throwing at BATL

I’ve always been told that being a summer student at a great law firm means being exposed to work that is both challenging and tough, but also exciting and a lot of fun. While this has certainly proved to be true at Cassels, the assignment that encompassed this motto the most has been at Backyard Axe Throwing League (“BATL”)  for our recent student event!

For those who haven’t tried Axe-Throwing before, here’s how it works: each match involves two players that take turns lifting a hatchet above their heads and throwing them at the equivalent of a dart board. Whoever scores the most points by the end of the match is the winner.


Most of our summer students were born naturals, like David, who made winning the entire tournament look like a breeze. Others (i.e. me) had more difficultly landing those bullseye shots. Despite varying abilities, all of us had a fantastic time, and I highly recommend everyone to give Axe-Throwing a shot.


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Cassels Block and Spikewell

During orientation week, our summer class was informed that we’d be taking part in the Bay Street Beach Volleyball tournament, a charity volleyball tournament between summer students at Bay Street law firms. While everyone was very excited, a quick poll indicated that our collective volleyball skill level probably didn’t match our enthusiasm level. With only a week to prepare, and a schedule jam packed with student outings (ie food, food, food) and birthday celebrations (ie cake, cupcakes, timbits, sundaes), there would be little time for training. So we decided to just show up and figure it out on the day of the tournament.

After arriving at Ashbridge’s Bay, and briefly warming up, we were quickly thrown into our first match. And it didn’t start pretty. After digging ourselves a huge deficit, it appeared that perhaps our skill level was even more worrisome than anticipated.

But nay.

Halfway through the game we started to gel and get in our groove. All of our orientation week bonding was coming to fruition, and we were hustling, making plays, and diving to save balls. Point by point we continued to close the lead until we were tied at 14 apiece. We were rolling and everything was clicking. We were looking good.

IMG_6271 (2)

Now, I realize I’ve set this story up as though we ended up making a huge comeback and winning the game – but unfortunately that’s not true. We lost 21-17, but we were pretty impressed with that result. If we played the rest of the tournament that way, we’d still be able to hold our heads high at the end of the day.

It turns out, however, that our day was just getting started. In our next round robin matchup we carried the momentum from the previous game, pulling out a huge 21-7 victory. At the very least, we had won a game.

In the 3rd game, we continued rolling. Another 21-7 victory. Now, a playoff spot was in sight.

On to the 4th game. Yet another win. And just like that, we topped our group. On to the playoffs.

The playoffs were no different. Led by some precision service by Lucas and Meghan, powerful bumps by Paras, and an overall impressive team effort, we continued our winning streak and made it all the way to the semi finals. By the end of the tournament, we finished as one of the top 4 teams out of 28 – which made the tournament after-gathering all the more celebratory.

FullSizeRender (4)

Despite our surprisingly dominant performance, the moral of this story is not that it turned out that we were secretly fantastic volleyball players who had just found out about an unbelievable skill we had been previously unaware of having. The moral of the story is that for the most part, Bay Street lawyers don’t have a bright future in beach volleyball – and this tournament should truly be regarded as being “just for fun”. So for those of you who will end up having the option of going to this tournament next year, my advice is do it – no matter how bad you think (or know) you are at volleyball. It was a fantastic day filled with 30 degree weather, pizza, and a great post-tournament mixer where you get to hang out with your friends from other firms (and yes, I docketed this as “Business Development”). Even better is the fact that all the proceeds of this fun-filled day went to Moorelands, an amazing charity that raises money to provide underprivileged youth with an opportunity to attend summer camps. Talk about a win-win day for Cassels Block and Spikewell!

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Orientation Week

Hi everyone,

We have had an amazing first few weeks at the firm and wanted to share some of the awesome things we got to do during orientation with you!

We arrived nervous and excited on Monday morning to be greeted by a smiling Shannon and a breakfast spread! That morning, we learned about the Nuts and Bolts of being a summer student at Cassels, and got a crash course is Business Development and Marketing. We were then joined by members of the Professional Development Committee and Student Committee for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon we learned about the illustrious history of the firm and had a professional photo shoot for our headshots.

After work the students headed out for food and drinks to celebrate our first day and bond. There were mini burgers, fries, pizza, smoked salmon, and more! After Day One it was already clear that the Cassels 15 is a real thing (but I ain’t complaining!)

Throughout the week there was more great food, a cocktail reception, and opportunities to meet new people. During the days we were trained on everything from sending an email to helping with a closing. While training was a lot of fun, I also left feeling prepared to do this job and that I have the support of a lot of people behind me. As a summer student, that is a pretty great feeling to have. Don’t get me wrong, I was still nervous to start getting assignments, but I finished training week knowing I can handle it.

The highlight of the week was the student event on Thursday. After a delicious dinner at Wayne Gretzky’s with members of the Student Committee, we headed to Second City to watch the comedy show ‘The Hotline Always Blings Twice”. The show was absolutely hilarious!

Second City

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, there was a bonus performance after the show, featuring a hypnotist who performed alongside the talented improv comedian Colin Mochrie from Who’s Line is It Anyway!

A big thanks to Shannon and the Student Committee for an amazing first week! Many more amazing events have happened at Cassels since orientation week, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more…

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