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The Edible Story: CBB Summer Students Cooking Challenge

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 marks a special day to remember for the summer students at Cassels Brock. We hurried out our offices early and ventured out into the city to experience an evening of creative catering fun at The Edible Story. If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s our love for food, so we knew from the outset that this was going to be a deliciously good night.

CBB put a twist on the traditional cooking class. Rather than receiving step-by-step instructions from a trusted chef, the students were thrown into the deep end without expert cooking skills. We formed multiple teams and squared off in a “chopped” style challenge.

The task at hand was great. Two opposing teams had 15 minutes each to create a unique tasty dish with surprise ingredients that were uncovered on the countertops (plus whatever else you could get your hands on in the kitchen) . After the teams customized their menus, the dishes would be judged by the Student Committee (no pressure). Presentation was key. But the right blend of flavours was paramount.

1. Round one: appetizers

The first round was to create an appetizer, which featured radish, mushrooms, spring mix salad and pepitas (no shell pumpkin seeds). Team One (my team) sautéed their mushrooms in a caramelized sauce, and delicately stacked it in a well-seasoned salad. We sprinkled the seeds around a perfectly layered structure and drizzled the last bits of the sauce on top to finish. While we were creating a masterpiece, Team Two managed to set their pasta on fire. With only a few minutes to spare, they re-boiled their noodles, mixed in their mushrooms and added spices to taste.

I bit my lip as we placed the dishes before the judges when spokespersons for each team presented the visions behind the plates. “Savoury and fresh”, we told them, “with our dish, you can have the best of both worlds”. The judges dug in their forks and smiled. I could tell they liked ours. But somehow, they liked Team Two’s dish best. It was a tough loss to swallow. But they do say, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.









2. Round two: desserts

The second round fancied the sweet tooth. Ingredients for desserts included white chocolate, rhubarb and graham crackers. Both teams put in their best efforts but only one could win the competition. Team One mastered their presentation, showcasing the perfect ratio of stacked ingredients in twin glasses. Yet again, Team Two impressed the judges with just the right amount of sweetness.

Well, this was quite an edible story. Did you get hungry reading this? I sure did. Cassels, bring on the next food event, and I’m there!


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Cassels Block & Spikewell (2019 Volleyball Tournament)

On Thursday, May 30th, Cassels 2019 Summer Students made their way to Woodbine Beach for the annual Bay Street Beach Volleyball Tournament. The excitement was palpable as the students were finally allowed to leave the walls of Scotia Plaza for something other than delivery law.

The morning started with a heart wrenching loss against Goodmans. The team was clearly distracted by the free Timmies and the glaring sun in their eyes. Game number two was a close one, but the team still took the ‘L’ against Stikeman Elliot, our old rival.

After regaining forces with pizza and granola bars (the lunch of champions), Cassels was ready to turn up the heat. The third game was against McMillan – and boy was it a good one! Cassels finally found their flow and came together to earn their first win of the tournament. The crowd went wild!!! (i.e. crowd meaning the other Cassels students cheering on the sidelines).

The fourth game against Aird & Berlis went smoothly, with a massive serving streak for Cassels. Again, the win would not have been possible without our very own students cheering until the last second.

Even though Cassels won two out of four games – the team did not make it to the quarter finals. How is that possible? Great question. We don’t know either… but we’re proud of our efforts nonetheless!

Leaving the court a little disappointed but a lot more sunburnt, the Cassels student team retired to Bier Markt to socialize with students from the other firms for an evening of celebration and hydration (wink wink). Of course, Cassels rewarded us with firm-sponsored drinks and delicious foods for the night. The evening was spent mingling with students working on the street and celebrating the Raptor’s first win in the legendary NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. It was a night to remember.

While this tournament was an amazing event, the Cassels students “hope to be better in the courts than on the courts!” [i]


The CBB Student Blog Team

[i] (Stacey Weltman, CBB student, Instagram Caption, 2019, Bier Market, with the help of some Mojitos).



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Summer Student Events: Looking Back

We can hardly believe there are only a few days left of our summer at the firm! Aside from the exciting files we got to work on, one of the highlights of our summer was definitely all the fun student events!

At the Open Roof Festival, an event that supports independent filmmakers and artists from Canada and around the world, we had the opportunity to get drinks and food with our mentors at the venue with live music. We also very much enjoyed watching the movie Get Out at the outdoor theatre later that evening!


The summer class also got to experience SoulCycle with Shannon the other day. Some of us are experienced cyclist. For some others, it was our first time biking in a long time. After an amazing and intense workout, we all headed to Four Seasons for breakfast.

And of course, the summer class went to an all-time favourite event – the Jays game!

We’re grateful for Shannon and the firm for organizing these events and making sure we’re all achieving a healthy work-life balance. These events provided great opportunities for the students to mingle with our mentors and other lawyers at the firm and were an invaluable part of our experience and development as a team.

Till next time,

Your 2017 Bloggers

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Carnival on Bay St.

Yesterday several members of Cassels Brock were proudly in attendance at “Carnival on Bay Street”, a cocktail reception in celebration of the National Bar Association’s visit to Toronto. The event was hosted by Black Partners on Bay Street, a network of Black partners at leading business law firms in Toronto who are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion on Bay Street and more broadly in the legal profession.

Photograph: Kojo Hayward and Tristan Davis (2nd and 3rd students from the right) posing with several other students on Bay St. at the event.

Kojo Hayward, one of our fellow summer students, beautifully summarized the event:

“It was phenomenal to see the joy, positivity, and excellence in the room. The crowd was brilliant and beautiful. The food was delicious and plentiful. The music was upbeat and cheerful. The vibe at the event was perfect.

It was powerful to witness so many black lawyers, at various stages of their career, from various jurisdictions in North America, both meeting new people and building on existing relationships. It was also powerful to share the moment with several lawyers of other races. While diversity is far from close to being truly realized, the Carnival on Bay Street event was a comforting reminder that there are a number of trailblazers leading the way and allies supporting the push.”

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Pride and Remembrance Run 2017

Last weekend, our Cassels Brock team participated in the Pride and Remembrance Run, an annual five-kilometre fundraising run/walk in support of LGBTQ+ charities in the GTA. These charities include Fife House, Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, and Casey House.

We gathered at the 519 Church Street Community Centre at 9:15 am, and began the run/walk at 10:00 am.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was lively, and our team went for a delicious brunch on a patio afterwards. Overall, it was a great event. Happy Pride 2017!

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