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Carla @Cassels: Real Work, Real Reward.

Last night the CBB crew got an end of summer treat (..end of summer for me and Ardy that is)- a fantastic night of dinner and socializing at Marben. The food was fantastic, the staff was amazing, and the students all enjoyed a night out together! Check out some snaps of our night courtesy of Cait!


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Carla @Cassels: Why Cassels?


I realized today I only have two and a half weeks of work left, and that thought has made me a bit nostalgic. I remember a year ago when I was frantically researching firm websites to try to discern which firm had what rotation, and how the student programs actually worked in fear that I would choose the wrong firm to work at. Given that I am feeling a bit nostalgic and totally loving Cassels, I am going to give you an inside view of why I am at Cassels.

Up to In-Firms- I had no idea. I sort of hap-hazardly applied to a handful of firms that did tax law and crossed my fingers *NOT A RECOMMENDED APPROACH*.

On In-Firm day Cassels happened to be one of my last interviews of the day. I was pretty discouraged when I stepped in the door as I had met articling students at other firms that couldn’t tell me why they liked their jobs, was shown art collections in fancy boardrooms that left me wondering what the magnificent pieces had to do with my job prospects at all, and finally was ultimately just tired.

When I stepped into Cassels I was alone in a boardroom with about six articling students and… we actually talked. Not about the application process, interviews or about how fantastic the firm is, but they talked to me in a way that made me comfortable and gave me a glimpse at how awesome the people at Cassels were.

When I got into my interview, the first thing the interviewer did was pull up a picture of Tom Brady and of Justin Bieber and ask me who had the better haircuit (as a Patriots fan, the answer was obvious). I felt at ease with not only the articling students, but also the “scary (but not so scary at all)” partners who were interviewing me.

Then as Oprah would say the biggest AHA! *lightbulb* moment came to me. The interviewer told me to look out to Bay Street, and said in every office building, at every full service firm, everyone does the same work so don’t make a decision based on the type of work that you want to do, but find the firm that you feel like you fit in with the people because that is what is going to make the job.

So what kind of people do you want to have lunch with? Confide in about your biggest office successes and screw-ups? Grab a Starbucks with on a break? Go out for a drink with after work?

For me, Cassels was DEFINITELY the right choice.

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Carla @Cassels: BLOGGERS BLOCK

It all happened two minutes ago. I realized it was Wednesday, aka blog day, and I had nothing to say. Then as I went to log into the blog I somehow forgot my password. I have it full on BLOGGERS BLOCK. I am sitting here, reading my fellow summer students blogs and here is what I have noticed:

I am envious of the ease that Monday’s with Monique flow out… I mean did you know that each of us has an amazing summer project in an area that we are interested in [think: papers on IP issues, helping to write a book, or even drafting a presentation for clients on takeover bids]?? OR did you know every once in a while a lawyer will offer up some GREAT tickets, so great in fact, that Steph “Tues with Voudz” Voudz and I got to see Katy Perry?!

Speaking of Tues with Voudz, doesn’t everyone look forward to the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY every Tuesday! In fact I spend my days thinking of the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED, which today happens to be my first blood donation!! While I was an avid plasma donor, today Joel and I gave our first whole blood donations, helped six people and got stickers to prove it. Check out Joel looking proud of his accomplishments.

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Carla @Cassels: Wednesday Already?!

I’m of mixed emotions whether I actually can’t believe it is already Wednesday or I am just so excited that it is my turn to blog again!! I haven’t posted since day one so I decided to take you Back to the Future and show you what my first week has been like. Unfortunately there is a little less Michael J. Fox and a little more securities work.

Just to fill in the gaps here- Cassels doesn’t have a rotation system for the summer so we are able to get work from the areas that interest us the most. I have an interest in tax and securities, and happen to sit on the securities floor so have mostly work from these areas.

Wednesday:  Attended training to learn some tips and tricks for using Cassels ‘in house’ search tool and attended a great reception welcoming the summer students. Can’t WAIT to see you all there next year!

Thursday: Shadowed an experienced lawyer to meetings with clients- amazing experience and got to meet some great people!! We also met fantastic representatives from our “Donate a Summer” project. This year the summer students are donating our summer to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario. Check it out and watch for our fantastic events!

Friday: Drafted early warning reports and press releases for a lawyer in the securities group. Sat in on a call with a lawyer in the tax group and as a result drafted some documents related to the file!

Saturday/Sunday: Rest and Relaxation

Monday: Due diligence for an upcoming financing in the securities group (What is due diligence?  Attended a motions drafting seminar, and  assisted a lawyer with a closing in the securities group.

It was an amazing first week, and a great experience! This week is capped off by the Law Firm Food Sort Challenge for the Daily Bread Food Bank which should be a fun way to end the work week.

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