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Favourite Assignments of the Summer

Blogwell Readers, (because we like to believe we have a following…)

With only one week of work left this summer, we couldn’t be happier sadder. While the thought of leaving Cassels brings us to tears, it is time to reminisce about our summer experience. Us summer students have been lucky enough to work on some pretty cool files with some very cool lawyers. This blog post is dedicated to our favourite work assignments of the summer. Because the students are spread out amongst the floors, we were able to get a variety of work throughout the summer.

Here are some of our highlights:

“I think the best thing I’ve done this summer is attend collective bargaining with Adrian Jakibchuk. It’s cool to see in person how lawyers prepare with their clients as well as seeing them advocate for their clients in front of opposing council. One especially nice part of going out of the office with a lawyer is that you see the research or work you’ve done for them have a real impact on the matter at hand. It makes you feel kind of important.” – Erin Minuk

“I got the chance to attend a client cross-examination, which was pretty exciting. I took notes and prepared an undertaking chart from the examination which was sent to the client.” – Corina Capmare

“My favourite work assignment was drafting an article on the updates in Canadian franchise law, both case law and legislation, over the past year.” – Reza Sarsangi

“I’ve really enjoyed some of the litigation research I’ve done. In one case, I did research for a fast food franchise. I’ve also done quite a lot of due diligence work during my time at Cassels, including for a cannabis M&A deal.” – Jacqueline Karbi

“I got to ‘dig up dirt’ on a litigation opponent this summer.” – Kieran May

“I had the pleasure of working with Partner Len Glickman on performance agreements for the Entertainment Law Group over the summer. It was a great learning experience because I had a chance to observe what a trained lawyer sees when drafting and analyzing a contract.  I had the opportunity to see the creative thinking and industry knowledge that a lawyer like Len applies to pre-emptively consider any circumstances surrounding an agreement that may arise effecting the client’s interests. Following along through the negotiation process was also enlightening.  I was fortunate to be able to watch and learn how a lawyer tactfully and assertively represents a client’s interest while maintaining positive professional relationship with the other party and opposing counsel.” – Nico Elliott-Armstrong

“Assisting in the preparation for and then attending an arbitration!” – Rob Sniderman

“I was invited to co-write an insolvency paper with Matthew Nied. I have been working on it between billable work all summer, and it looks like not only will it be published, it will be presented at a conference later this year!” – Spencer Toffoli

“The first time I got to sit in on a closing.” – Aamir Chherawala

“My favourite work assignment was definitely going to court. I loved how exciting it was and how much I learned. Also, it was a relief to (mostly) not screw up.” – Aaron Cressman

“I cannot pick just one – way too difficult. My top three (in no particular order) are: a contempt of court motion (I have been doing research on this file from the start of the summer and it has been a fabulous learning experience); a Supreme Court of Canada appeal about limitation periods (both research and drafting parts of the factum – so exciting to work on!) and an international fraud file (the most interesting facts of all my files).” – Katelyn Leonard

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