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Insights with Mike

Mike is a summer student here at Cassels Brock, and we are profiling him this week to find out a little more about who he is, how his summer is going so far, and any application tips he has for students applying to Cassels Brock for a summer 2016 position.

S: Mike, congratulations on making it halfway through your Cassels Brock summer. How’s it going so far?

M:Thank you so much. It’s been great! I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many different lawyers and I’ve been able to work hands-on with clients, which is something I didn’t expect at such an early stage in my career.

S: How do you balance your time between work and social activities?

M: It’s all about communication! Work is my priority, but all the lawyers I’ve been working with have been very considerate of my time and have made sure I have been able to meet any important commitments in my personal life.

S: Mike, do you have any summer goals at work or in your personal life?

M: What I’ve been trying to do throughout the summer is explore the firm as much as possible. I have tried to reach out to lawyers in different practice groups here at Cassels, and to connect with other summer students outside of the office.

S: Mike, what did you find to be the most useful advice you were given when preparing your applications for summer positions?

M: I think there are two important things to keep in mind. First, try to identify areas of expertise of firms you are researching. An example of this would be tailoring a cover letter towards a business law firm, or to a firm that does a lot of litigation. Second, pay attention to detail, which is something I focused on when preparing my applications and have been reminded of since. Spelling mistakes or editorial errors are very obvious to those reading your applications. An example of this is forgetting to change the name of the firm you are applying to, and keeping the name of a firm from a previous cover letter.

S: What was your most efficient method for proofreading?

M: Definitely having second and third sets of eyes taking a look at things. Another helpful tip is to print off your cover letter and reading it aloud before submitting it!

S: Does it matter what you did in your summer after 1L?

M: I think that in general, employers wanted to see what my most recent experiences were. I think the reason for this is to see the new skills people build and acquire, and how these skills can be transferrable to working in a law firm environment. The experiences I found myself talking about more were not necessarily law-related but usually productive and interesting!

Thank you for your time, Mike!


To those of you reading this who are considering applying to Cassels Brock, feel free to reach out to myself, Mike, or any of the other students on the Cassels Brock Student Website !

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Bike for Tykes


Today the 2015 Summer Students participated in the Bikes for Tykes Charity Fundraiser in support of The Cancer Neighbourhood of the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning at SickKids. The Cancer Neighbourhood supports research methodologies that will transform treatments for children with cancer across the world, through the sharing of data and results. The goal is to provide a better quality of life for children suffering from cancer, through improved outcomes.

The event was a blast and a huge success! The sun was shining in the TD courtyard and the energy levels were soaring! We surpassed our fundraising goal and have raised $1347 in support of this fantastic cause. Thank you to all who donated!






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What Are We Working On?

First off, I would like to introduce myself –hello all! I am Sophie M. I am originally from Ottawa, but am proud to call Toronto home this summer. I’ll be returning to Queen’s Law in the fall for a final semester and then heading off to do some travelling after I write the Ontario Bar exams in March. My timing is a little different than most of my colleagues here, because I completed a dual degree program so I finish in December – woohoo!

During the recruitment process, I was quite curious about what to expect as a summer student. While I cannot speak to how other firms operate their summer student programs, I can tell you a little about my experiences over the past few weeks.

My summer has been off to a great start! I have gotten the chance to work with lots of different people, doing all different types of work. One of the cool projects in which I am involved is helping one of the lawyers here write an article on the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next summer. I have been researching the intellectual property and trademark challenges associated with the Games, and the general need to protect Olympic sponsors and Olympic marks.

As most countries have been doing prior to hosting world-class sporting events, Brazil has passed a number of pieces of legislation to protect official Olympic trademarks and copyrights. Brazil is unique because it recently hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and was able to experience firsthand the types of advertising and marketing challenges associated with sporting events of this magnitude. In researching for this article, my job has been to find out about what Brazil has done to protect its Olympic sponsors from obstacles such as ambush marketing. The article will focus on Brazil, but also discuss previous Olympics’ legislation and IP protections.

Unfortunately, the firm will not be sending me to Brazil next summer as part of this assignment, but I am working on getting to Tokyo for 2020.

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Ride for Heart

Early this morning, I participated in The Becel Heart & Stroke 2015 Ride For Heart as part of the Cassels Brock Corporate Challenge Team. Together the Cassels team raised almost $10,000 in support of heart disease and stroke research! The ride was quite chilly and wet, but the views were spectacular! (Team t-shirt and free orange slices not featured in photos.)

Brief rest stop for a #selfie

Brief rest stop for a #selfie

View of Downtown Toronto from the Gardiner Expressway

View of Downtown Toronto from the Gardiner Expressway







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