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Fashion Friday: Accessorizing the Office

Here at Cassels Brock, lawyers are well dressed. From the power suits to the costume jewlery, everyone looks great. Students, on the other hand, have to be a bit creative to get the run-way look. Until we start we making it rain, we’re going to keep running to the supplies closet.

Jess has taken her hand to jewlery design. Clearly inspired by David Yurman, Jess has made a paper clip necklace.

jess making necklace

Doesn’t she look great?

jess wearing necklace



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Who Wore it Better: Office Mate Edition

These two office mates, Amir and Jake, are clearly cut from the same cloth. So much so that have started wearing the same cloth.  Black suits, glasses, white shirts and red striped ties look great on both of them. The question now is – who wore it better?

Amir (on desk), Jake (on chair giving the thumbs up)

Amir (sitting on desk), Jake (sitting on chair giving the thumbs up)

Voting ends Friday at 5

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Thinking Hard

5.29 Xi in a helmet

Xi’s attire for her summer project.

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