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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Koen, Tegan, Gaurav, Florence, Conrad, Sam C, and Sam S! This summer we celebrated a few birthdays and had some delicious cake in the process. No file is too big or work load too heavy to pause and celebrate your birthday!     

Most Useful Law School Courses

It’s course selection season! As you all go about selecting your courses we thought it might be helpful if a few of us shared what courses we found the most useful for this summer. If you want a more elaborate explanation, reach out to us and we’d be happy to chat course selection! David Singh […]

From Law School to Law Firm: The Gulf Between What You Know and What You Need to Know

I am not remotely close to being an expert in any field of law, but that’s okay – I’m a student! During Cassels’ orientation week I was a little troubled by how little I knew. I thought the gulf between what I do know and what I thought I ought to know would be detrimental. […]