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Transition Report

Posted by Jeremy Bornstein


The first day the articling students return to work is a glorious day in the life of a summer student. It reminds me of the last day of exams. The grass is greener, the air is fresher and the sun is hotter. This year’s articling class, however, seems more eager than the last. They are making every effort to take on as much work as possible, leaving the summer students with nothing to do. The result has been abysmal.

For example, summer student, Luke Gill, has been outraged by the turn of events. After being harassed to pass on his files, he has demanded to work late nights until the last day of his term. He threatened one articling student, “You want my work? My work? No! It’s your turn to be lazy, I chilled my brains out at the beginning of the summer and now I just want to learn.” Following this comment, several articling students proceeded to docket 45 minutes to “Set up voicemail.”

Other summer students, on the other hand, did not have the same resolve as Mr. Gill. One student, who asked to remain anonymous lamented, “I sent myself mail. Actually. I put it in an envelope for delivery and acted surprised when I got it. I miss feeling important. I miss the thrill of a deadline. I can’t. This is too much.” This particular summer student’s work was stolen by an articling student during a bathroom break. She now sits in an office all day chit chatting and dilly dallying, overcome by guilt every time the internet browser opens to a new page.

When asked about the situation, first year summer student, Laura McGee, who left last Friday stated, “I knew this would happen. I couldn’t handle the pressure of doing nothing all day, so I bounced.”

Alas, other summer students have maintained a steady load. They have enjoyed the thrills of down time without the chills of a workless wasteland. This ultimate balance is a sacred art, which only the most advanced summer students possess. I asked Bryan Woodman how he reached this summer student utopia. He responded, “I just discovered Nestea.” 

Yet another sad tale of surrender

Note: Just kidding!


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Productivity foiled.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call 1-800-222-TIPS*



*don’t actually.

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CBB at the Pride and Remembrance Run 2012

 Posted by Sam Yorke

This year, Cassels Brock was proud to submit a group to run in the annual Pride and Remembrance Run, which was held on Saturday, June 30th. All proceeds were donated to two deserving LGBT charities in Toronto: The Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line and HALCO (HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario). While Participants can chose to partake in either the 5 km run or the 3 km walk, everyone in the ever competitive CBB group decided try to make it through the 5 km route.

The team met early before the 10 am start of the race to fuel up on coffee and granola donated by some of our lovely supporters. The CBB group joined forces with the contingent from U of T Law’s “Out in Law” organization.  


 This year, the race stretched from Church and Wellesley to Queen’s Park circle, where the runners looped around twice before heading back along Wellesley.

 In the end, everyone survived the blistering sun and 30+ degree heat to finish . Some fabulous CBB folks that made it through include: Caitlin “Speedy Gonzalez” Waring, Ryan“The Rolling Terror” Davy, and Luke “Square Wheels” Gill. Special mention has to go out to Brittany “Cash Money” Moloney for her support during the race and “Pistol” Pete Sullivan for bring up CBB’s average time significantly (and for being the only legitimate runner of the bunch!).  


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CBB 2D Tour

Hey Sports Fans!

It’s that time of year – firm tours! I know some students aren’t able to make it to 40 King Street West for our open houses this summer, but that’s okay because this blog post goes out to all of you. Today I’ll be showing you a “snap shot” of our firm, well several actually. You can thank me later (

As you may or may not know, Cassels Brock is located downtown Toronto in the Scotia Plaza at 40 King Street West. Let’s start the tour.

Welcome to the 21st floor! We’re at main reception. If you have the pleasure of waiting in our lobby, Val and Lisa are extremely friendly. Plus there are cookies and refreshments. You may notice a theme throughout this tour.

Moving on – If you were here in person I would be very cruel and make you walk down to the 18th floor.

Leather-bound books and rich mahogany. If you’re looking for a textbook, need assistance with some case law research, or simply want to check out the McGill Guide for your footnotes, the library is a great place to be (and it’s conveniently located in the heart of our advocacy group on the 18th floor – research memos anyone?).

Ooooo, ahhHhh! Okay now up to the 20th floor. I wasn’t kidding about those stairs. Tip: wear comfortable shoes to in-firm interviews. We have elevators, but we’re just plain mean here at Cassels Brock.

Welcome to the Document Production Centre, or as we all call it, “DPC”. The wonderful staff here work tirelessly to convert our documents to cds/dvds, format charts, create and organize closing binders, and accommodate many other time-sensitive requests.

All of this fake walking is making me tired. Let’s take a break.

Located in the kitchens on every floor – coffee machines. Generally my first stop in the morning.

If coffee is not your thing – fear not! Note the label on that cupboard. More on that later.

 Ah yes, the drink fridge. Fully stocked. Niiceeee. This wonderful appliance is located in our servery. You know – that place where we have a lunch buffet every day.

Okay, back on the tour. Let’s see an example of a summer student office!

It can’t really get better than that. It can get worse though. Jared spiced his office up by making his own window. Nice work, Jared.

On the topic of offices, let’s visit the office of our Assistant Director of Professional Development & Student Programs – Leigh-Ann McGowan. Leigh-Ann can answer practically every goofy student question that exists, and also all of the serious ones. From “where is Prairie Girl Cupcakes?” to “How do I politely tell an associate that I’m swamped right now and cannot take on these additional 12 closing books?”, Leigh-Ann makes life at Cassels easier for all!


Thanks Leigh-Ann! Now for our last stop, The Cassels boardroom. Lots of things happen here, from closings, to lawyers lunches, to student open-houses and cocktail receptions! Shameless CAMH plug: next month in this boardroom,  the students are hosting a breakfast for the firm complete with silent auction and a live-feed of the Olympics all in the name of fundraising for CAMH! 

That about wraps it up! Thanks for checking out Cassels Brock & Blackwell with me today. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Ps, now that you’re all gone. I’ve headed to the cookie cupboard.


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“But what do you actually do?”

So I was sitting at my desk this morning, making calls to provincial insurance regulators and thinking, “if I have to leave the same message on ONE MORE ANSWERING MACHINE…..I’m going to ……well let’s just say I’m probably going to eat a lot of Oreos today.” But then I looked out my window and saw this gentleman dangling from a building on a wooden plank. That was it. Just a rope and a wooden plank. I instantly realized things could be much worse. Did I mention I’m afraid of heights? Is he even wearing a harness?  

This looks unsafe. Let's have a closer look...

Wooden plank. Rope. Bucket. Courage.

Speaking of things I’m terrified of, I thought I’d give you lovely readers a few details on the type of work Cassels Brock is actually trusting us with. Here’s an actual conversation:

Student: “Sir, I just found a loophole that makes this case a slam dunk!”
Lawyer: “Good work Johnson, looks like you’re going to get that Christmas bonus early!”
Student: “But, sir, my name is Caitlyn….”
Just kidding. That didn’t happen…

Here’s a list of some of the things we’ve been up to the past month (the good and the bad):

Stephanie – Rose: Shadowing a cross-examination. Thorn: Forgetting to buy hair gel last week.
Noah – Rose: Sitting in on a client call with a partner and being asked for my input.  Thorn: Uhhhh. [Apparently Noah has enjoyed everything. On a related note, Noah has not assisted with ANY due diligence. CBB Lawyers: Noah is jonesing for some dewy dill. Help a guy out.]
Jared “all about the Benjamins” Puterman – Rose: Coordinating almost $100 million worth of M&A transactions and credit facilities in a single week! Thorn: Finishing last place in an office mini-basketball shoot-out against Osie and Len.
Luke – Rose: Working on a litigation file with ridiculous facts. [and drafting a guest blog post…still waiting on that] Thorn: Accidentally eating someone else’s squid dinner.
Stephen – Rose: Researching Human Rights Tribunal awards. Thorn: Spending an hour looking up the official laws of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Jake – Rose: Working on a bought deal. Thorn: Waiting 4 hours at the Chilean Consulate.
Jeremy – Rose: None [I told him evaluations were coming up and he should at least lie and say he enjoyed SOMETHING but he hung up on me] Thorn: Writing a paper on franchise law.
Jessica – Rose: Sitting in on a due diligence conference call with a client and opposing counsel. Thorn: see photo below.

The beginnings of a closing book.

 So there you have it folks. Join  us next week to find out if Jeremy has fallen in love [with any work assignments…], if Jared’s basketball skills have improved and if Noah has fulfilled his life-long dream of doing the due.

Update: The window man didn’t fall.

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