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Three Strikes and You’re OUT

As a summer student at Cassels Brock you get three strikes and then you’re fired. Just kidding, this is a post about softball.

Get ready folks because I am about to tell you why being part of the CBB softball team is the only important thing you will do during your summer with Cassels Brock.

Yes, your instincts are correct: as a summer student you don’t know anything yet and being the new guy/gal is tough on the ol’ self esteem. But that’s where the CBB softball team comes in; to let you know that CAPTAIN ALEX APPRECIATES YOU.*

Our league is made up of Toronto’s big Bay St. firms and it’s a casual, co-ed, self pitch style of softball and honestly not that athletically demanding, fun for all! Fun, but also competitive, as our team has taken home the play-off title the past two years and look to make it a three-peat heading into this years’ playoffs in what should be a top four position.


Captain Alex Slota in action. Note the power stance.

Not that us millennials need more convincing beyond the promise of being appreciated, but let me give you one more word to seal the deal: CHEESE. After every game we go for post-game drinks and food, and when I say food, I mean cheese. We’ve got all the classics; cheese bread, nachos with extra cheese, cheese sticks, wings with blue cheese dip and of course, BEER. Now, I know what you’re thinking,  on a work night?!?! Yes, on a work night. And you know what else you get to do on game days, leave work early. You know why? Because Business Development baby.**

Future associate litigator extraordinaire and team MVP Meghan Rourke stepping up to the plate.

You would think that after all this hanging out, eating and drinking, meeting new friends, and casually swinging a bat around, you would get to go home and that would be the end of it,  but you would be WRONG. The next day you get the Alex Slota special; the email highlight reel. It’s an email to the team with game highlights, and of course, biggest blunders and so much more.*** It would be fair to say it’s the highlight email of the week firm-wide. So, to come full circle on this post, don’t disappoint Captain Alex.

*Only if you’re good though.

**Business Development billings are very important for your personal and career growth. Softball is an indispensable opportunity to interact with partners, staff, and firm alumni in a fun and relaxed environment.

***None of the 2018 summer students have been featured in biggest blunders (yet). It should also be noted that despite being present at a majority of the games, Kieran is the only summer student who still has yet to be featured in the emails at all.

Email Feature: Aaron Cressman

Aaron “Speedy Gonzales” Cressman was especially fun to watch run the bases, too.  The cloud (and I mean cloud) of dust that he leaves behind him when he runs, is beyond impressive.  You basically have to call a time out to let the dust settle every time he reaches base.

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