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Half Decathlon

At Cassels Brock we do real work but we also like to have some fun here and there. With Roey leaving at the end of this week and Jake and Kate soon to go, there were openings in different offices and to determine who was moving, a half decathlon competition between Amir and I was set up by commissioners Roey and Jake. The following is a detailed outline of the 5 rounds of competition involving high levels of academics and physical activity.

Round 1 – Skill Testing Question (in 15 seconds)

The first test was an academic question in a high pressure environment. Both contestants had 15 seconds to answer the following question:

(10 + (6*9.5) – 47) / 5

It was a nervous, frantic 15 seconds but after much deliberation and thought, I managed to come out on top with time to spare. Answer is 4.

Winner: Andrew 1-0

Round 2 – Riddle

Commissioner Roey was in charge of coming up with the riddle. After his first riddle being too ridiculous, he came up with the following:

What has holes on the top, bottom, and sides and still holds water?

Amir guessed “cloud” and heard the rejection buzzer. After some meditation and deep thought, I realized the answer was “sponge”. 2-0.

Winner: Andrew 2-0

Round 3 – Card Swiping Speed Competition

Amir came into this competition as the true favourite as he practices this manoeuvre constantly. How does this work? The contestants line up equal distance from the swipe target and swipe their pass cards, first one to get the green light wins. Jake instructed the contestants keep their hands in their pockets until “go” and Roey was the judge. Amir came out of the starting blocks blazing and had the upper hand but alas, the card slipped out of his hands and his last minute stumble allowed me to clinch the title as winner of the half decathlon.

Winner: Andrew 3-0

Round 4 – Voicemail Speed Competition

As a consolation, we ran the voicemail speed competition. The objective is to set up your voicemail for the following day the fastest. After one try, both of us failed to get the dates correct due to the high pressure environment. However on the second try, Amir was able to redeem himself and only lose the decathlon by a score of 3-1.

Winner: Amir

Round 5 – Plank

This was supposed to be the tiebreaker but fortunately we never reached it.

Amir will now be moving into my office for Roey on August 1st. I’d like to thank all my fans, family and friends; without you this would not have been possible. I’d like to thank Amir for his effort and competitive spirit. And of course I have to thank Roey and Jake for acting as commissioners of this great event prior to finishing their summers at Cassels.

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Rookie Lessons

Being the only first year summer student blogger, I’ve been asked to document my experiences as a rookie on the Cassels Brock team. Without further ado, here’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

  1. Faster metabolism. With all the free food (cookies and lunch), having that extra year really comes in handy. I don’t have to worry about how many cookies I eat or the countless sugar drinks I consume on a daily basis or how many minutes it’ll take on a treadmill to work it all off.
  2. Playing the rookie card. What do you do when a lawyer comes asking you about something you have no idea about? Find a wise, seasoned second year veteran student, break out into tears and beg for help. They will then sympathetically put down their work to give you a 5 minute seminar on whatever topic you need because they will have definitely mastered it in their second year at law school.
  3. Technology. IT Training? Setting up BBM and adding contacts? Please, we first year students do that in our sleep. But for the second year students? Some of them don’t even know when it’s appropriate to use “reply all” with emails.
  4. Late nights. With all the events we’ve had in the first couple weeks some of the older students are beginning to dwindle. You can catch Daniel Shiff with the door closed everyday around 3 pm for his afternoon nap which is docketed to ‘Continuing Legal Education’.
  5. I don’t have to shave…yet. As my officemate Roey likes to remind me, it’s difficult transitioning from being a first year student to a second year student because having facial hair can become a serious hassle. Amir has kindly provided us with some ideas if the shaving becomes too much:


The Bad:

  1. Affidavit Stamp. First year students don’t have one of the fun affidavit stamps the second year students have and we are thus deprived of the opportunity to docket 30 minutes of office administration to “played with fun stamps”.
  2. Accessorizing. Having to go out and buy more suits was already a difficult task. But having to accessorize is even harder. I was only recently told by Roey that Silly-Bands are no longer fashionable or acceptable in the work environment.


The Ugly:

  1. Not knowing anything. Taking only 7 general law courses and then going to work for a big firm can be pretty intimidating. A lot of the second years have had the opportunity to take Corporate Law, Securities, and other more “work relevant” courses so on my first day I was definitely nervous about my lack of knowledge. But what I found was that everyone here was willing to help. I bounce ideas off my officemate Roey all the time (even if they are largely voicemail related) and the lawyers around us are always willing to answer any questions we have. When I didn’t know what to do for our PPSA assignment in orientation, Meredith explained it to me 20 minutes before the deadline and whenever I don’t know what’s for lunch I ask Amir. I guess not knowing anything really wasn’t the worst thing in the world and I’m just glad to be a rookie on such a great team.

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