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Hello, Goodbye.

Well, it’s been a time. But all good things must come to an end, even free lunches. As the summer draws to a close, it is now time to look back and reflect on all the amazing memories we have made over the past 3 and a half months. Full disclosure, this is very difficult to type as my keyboard is covered in tears.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts!

Until next summer,

Amanda, Ben, James, Jenna, Lauren, and Noah


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First Years Take on Bay Street

As we have mentioned, there are 22 summer students at Cassels. What you may not know is that three of us are first year students. While we usually blend in with the second year students, sometimes we just can’t hide our “inexperience”.

While the first year recruitment process begins in second semester, landing a first year position at a Bay Street firm may be something on your mind when you begin law school in September. If not, you may start to consider first year recruitment after receiving your grades in January. In either case, you will undoubtedly have endless questions and concerns about the process. I have decided to compile this post (with the help of the lovely previous and present 1L students) to provide some insight into the application process, explain why you should consider participating in 1L recruitment, and offer our perspective on being a 1L student at Cassels.

From us to you, we hope this post eases some of your worries and provides you with a few (albeit corny) laughs along the way!


The Application Process:

“I highly recommend applying for a 1L position because even if you don’t end up landing a job, you still come out with polished application materials, invaluable interview experience, and a handful of new connections at law firms.”

– Michael Garbuz


“Although all interviews come with a reasonable amount of stress, the 1L process is much less stressful than the frenzy of OCIs. Firms generally interview fewer 1L candidates and as a result, you get to experience the firm on a more holistic level. I had the benefit of meeting the entire student committee during my interviews at Cassels which provided me with a much more comprehensive view of the firm and its culture.”

– Xi Chen


Life as a 1L at Cassels:

“This year, the 1L students are sharing offices with the returning 1L students. We are thankful that we each have an “unofficial” mentor to calm our nerves and answer all of our questions (usually with a sarcastic response or a laugh). So, while we have capitalized on their knowledge of the Firm, we have also been the victims of the “oh, you silly 1L” jokes.

I was particularly looking forward to having a returning summer student officemate so that my most serious issues – all computer and printing related – could be addressed. Unfortunately, Jacquie has been very unhelpful in this respect. I have suggested that she sign up for additional computer training sessions to fix this problem.”

– Amanda Metallo


“Being a 1L at Cassels is not so different from being a 2L at Cassels. However, there are some changes I would suggest:

  1. Provide us each with an “in training” label for our clothes to alert lawyers that we don’t know what a PPSA or a Prospectus is
  2. Provide our office-mates with sensitivity training (looking at you, Chan) to support our professional development
  3. Take us for ice cream when we have had a tough day at the office
  4. Give us the authority to delegate work to the 2L summer students

That being said, life is good being a 1L summer student at Cassels.”

– Chad Podolsky


“You will feel like you are scamming the system because you are getting paid but don’t know anything substantial. Don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat, including the 2Ls. Although you might not know anything about securities or business or what a PPSA Registration is, the summer program is all about learning. The lawyers know that we know nothing and everyone’s willing to help so just ask questions. The one caveat to that is if you’re wondering what’s on the lunch menu or how to set up voicemail, you might want to ask another summer student and not a partner.”

– Andrew Chan


“As a 1L student, the number one lession I learned was that, if you don’t know what something means, ask.

As a returning student, I’ve decided to reject my own advice entirely and impart knowledge upon my officemate Amanda exclusively through the “learn by doing” method. While Amanda has not yet figured out that this is almost entirely because I still don’t know what “toggling a doc ID” means or how to convert a PDF into a gif into a three dimensionally printed working airplane, I still take partial credit for her laudable skill at “replying-all” to assignment emails in three seconds or less.”

– Jacquie Richards


Jacquie reminding me that what we lack in skill, we make up for in enthusiasm


Michael has been trying to perfect David’s ‘serious’ face all summer long


Andrew and Chad need a little distance from time to time


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Fashion Fridays: Who Wore it Better?

On this special Friday the 13th Fashion Friday, Jacquie and Steph battle it out for who wore it better.




We will let you decide. Although they both sported the same pattern, we think that they both pulled off fashionable looks in different ways.


Until next week,

Amanda and Lauren

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Extreme Makeover: Office Edition – with guest blogger Jacquie

When Amanda and I moved into our office on the 19th floor of the Scotia tower, we immediately knew the room had unbelievable potential. The 11 foot ceilings made for an airy, welcoming space that easily accommodated both myself and my officemate. The dark floors and light walls created contrast and drew the eye to the deep red desks and crisp white documents. The floor to ceiling windows provided both Northern and Western exposure, meaning an interesting view of the construction on Bay/Adelaide and fantastic sunsets in the evening.

However, problematic furniture configuration at the time made the space feel square and uninviting. Large desks and multiple computer screens made the windows feel smaller while blocking the light and hustle and bustle of the streets outside.




Moreover, Amanda’s desk faced directly away from the door. This made for awkward feng shui and even more awkward 180 degree turns whenever someone walked by the office.




Amanda also had exclusive access to the guest chair, which was just unfair.

Overall, the space had tons of potential, but it wasn’t being fully realized.

A few kind visits from the wonderful people at office services later, however, and our desks are now…. wait for it… at angles!

The space has utterly transformed! It feels more modern, spacious and ergonomically comfortable.


My fancy new view



Amanda can see the door!

We love our new office configuration and feel it really “suits us”.

While there have been some naysayers such as David, who feels the new office “looks pretty weird” and “has too many exposed wires now”, most of the other summer students agree that the renovations are an enormous positive improvement.

Here are a few comments:


“So much more room for activities!”, says Lauren.


“It does look really good!”, says Michael.

“I used to stage homes, and this looks way better!”, says Alex.

Kwaku thinks this entire project is utterly absurd declined to offer comment, but he has made use of the relocated guest chair. We think this endorsement speaks for itself.









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Let’s Send Kids to Camp!

CBB is supporting the Amici Charity! While this decision has meant many delicious camp themed snacks around the office (think root beer floats, s’mores, hot dogs, and sliders), the CBB summer students are excited for much more than the food. The Amici Charity is an amazing local organization, and we could not be more excited to participate in their fundraising initiatives and create our own initiatives to support this cause.


What is Camp Amici?

Camp Amici is a registered charity that sends boys and girls from low-income families to 33 overnight summer camps in Ontario. Part of Camp Amici’s mandate is to foster a lasting relationship between a sponsored child and his/her camp so that each child can grow and develop life-long skills each year. Amici supporters include campers, staff members, alumni and parents from across Ontario. This summer, Amici will provide camp experiences to over 200 campers.

Canoe Heads for Kids Fundraising Event

After being introduced to Camp Amici during our first few weeks at the firm, it is safe to say that all of the summer students were motivated to contribute to this amazing cause. Our first opportunity to make our mark was this past Saturday at their annual “Canoe Heads for Kids” fundraiser. Canoe Heads participants embarked on a 15 KM paddle and portage adventure through downtown Toronto.

So off we went, early on a Saturday morning to do whatever was needed to make sure the event ran smoothly. All of the CBB students were assigned to the snack station, which is very fitting if you know how seriously we take snack time at CBB.


Here are some photos from the event:


Chad to the rescue


The boys doing some heavy lifting before the event!


The CBB team (Alex couldn’t help but keep her eyes on our snack table)



Make sure to keep your eye out for more CBB events supporting Camp Amici!




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