Unique Law School Courses: Osgoode Edition

Each summer, Osgoode upper-year students frantically go through some kind of cost-benefit analysis to determine which courses they will take in their 2L and 3L years. Well, we at CBB want to put that frantic search to bed with a list of a few must-take courses at Osgoode.

  1. Advanced Business Law Workshop I: Corporate Finance (ABLW I)

ABLW isn’t your average law school course. Applicants must apply through the Clinics & Intensives applications and only 16 students are selected. However, if you can pass this first hurdle, then you’ll be taking the best course Osgoode has to offer.

The class takes place every Wednesday evening in a boardroom at the Davies office and will usually be conducted by three partners and one associate from Davies. I won’t lie to you, the course is tough and cold-calling isn’t out of the question. There is quite a bit of material to review for each class and there’s a list of maybe 20 questions per class that each student goes around answering (there’s no option to pass). The main evaluation method is through 3 assignments and the first is negotiating and drafting a loan agreement.

But the knowledge you gain about corporate finance from outside the purely academic perspective is worth the hard work. Plus, the last class has a nice little dinner party at The Shore Club.

  1. Legal Drafting (Professor Julia Shin-Doi)

Looking for a course that has no final exam and no research paper? Well this is your course. Don’t be intimidated by the 40% participation grade. All you have to do is attend 10 out of 12 classes, sit there, and submit a small drafting exercise at the end of the class. Plus, Professor Shin-Doi gives you time at the end of the class to complete the exercise, it’s done in groups, and you get the full marks just for completion.

I would say this course really prepared me for my summer at CBB (and this will likely apply anywhere you work). You go through all sorts of contracts (e.g. share purchase agreements, licensing agreements, purchase and sale agreements, etc.) and you go through the different components of contracts (e.g. the parties, recitals, boilerplate, etc.).

And if I haven’t sold you on Legal Drafting already, Professor Shin-Doi treated us to a delicious dinner for Lunar New Year.

  1. International Courts and Tribunals (Professor Obiora Chinedu Okafor)

I normally shy away from heavily academic or theoretical courses (which international law courses usually are) but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a class with Professor Obiora Okafor. Professor Okafor is a UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity, as well as a professor at Osgoode and the York Research Chair in International Legal Studies.

In this class you will learn about various types of international courts and tribunals, who has standing before these courts, how the courts assert jurisdiction, the composition of the bench, and more.

This likely will not be the most relevant course in terms of my career, but it was definitely interesting to learn about how countries resolve disputes with each other. Professor Okafor is also probably the most engaging professor at Osgoode.

I realize in hindsight that this would probably have been more beneficial before the deadline to submit courses, but there’s always next year! … Unless you’re a 3L.

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