Movin’ on Up

Every law student dreams of becoming a hot-shot lawyer with a sweet corner office, so when they land that summer job at their dream firm (aka Cassels), they think they’re one step closer to making it into that sought after corner-office lifestyle. Little do they know, that just because you have a corner office does NOT mean you have made it big. Folks, let me tell you a true story:

When I arrived for my first day at Cassels, I whipped out the office map to scope out where my office was. It was indeed a corner office, but it was in an INTERNAL corner. I’m talking the other side of the hallway from where the windows are. As in, they couldn’t have possibly put me any further away from them UV rays.

Luckily, I was not alone. I had Jackie as my office mate. It was cozy (especially with two of us), but we never had a dull moment. Having an office mate was great, almost as nice as having a window in your office! But who needs a window when you have an officemate, am I right? She brought enough sunshine into the room for all of us. We got used to our summer student home. We were comfortable; easy access to the elevators if we ever wanted to sneak out early, low foot traffic so we only ever got distracted if someone wanted to distract us, plus we never knew when it was raining so we could hardly ever be upset about the weather!

But let me tell you, when I got that email saying “Moving”, the glimmer of hope returned. I remembered that there was a sun after all! And maybe even a big enough desk space to spread all my work out and make myself look EXTRA busy! With only three weeks left of our summer, I learned that I would be moving into what seemed like the executive suite, I HAD FINALLY MADE IT! (well not quite). As our summer started to wind down and the firm was getting ready for the much anticipated return of the articling students, many of the summer students got moved into what we like to call “associate” offices so that the articling students could have our cozy little internal caves offices.

I’m not sure if you can get a tan through a window, but if you can then my tan is definitely coming along nicely as I sit here staring at my computer instead of out the window. But trust me, just knowing it’s there makes a world of difference.

And that my friends, is the story of my office upgrade!

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