Keeping it moving: how busy law students make time for exercise

Last Friday, a group of CBB summer students and lawyers took an early morning detour on the way to work, to a SoulCycle spin class. It was INTENSE. We cycled like maniacs, we bonded, we sweat (were those tears?), and no one barfed thank goodness. Then we suited up, grabbed a smoothie and made it to the office. It was a super satisfying way to start the day.  That got us talking about how to balance our busy work lives with getting some exercise.

We all hear that regular exercise is important for both our physical health and our mental well-being. But we also know lawyers can work very long hours, and typically sit at a desk in front of a computer screen for long stretches of time (like what I did there?). So we asked some of our summer students how they make time for physical activity in their busy lives, and what they do to keep fitness fun!

Marie says exercise is important to her because it helps her focus better. She is especially committed to maintaining an exercise routine in the summer, because the weather is so nice.  Marie likes to mix things up between running, boxing, kayaking, and trips to the gym.

Kieran says when exercise is fun it’s a lot easier to consistently make it happen. That’s why he goes to the gym with friends,  and plays team sports like softball with the CBB Miner Leaguers.


BFFs Reza and Kieran make time to hit the gym,
because everything is more fun with friends!


Spencer in our Vancouver office fits in a boot camp style workout with co-workers twice a week on her lunch break. She says it’s a great way to re-energize her day.

Rob likes to walk around the office floor and visit the neighbours to get away from his desk. He gets arm day in by carrying banker boxes of files to his lawyers’ offices. Sometimes he even skips the elevator and takes the stairs!

Corina says doing yoga on the weekends helps restore her body and mind. Even practicing for 10-15 minutes in the evenings makes a huge difference in how she feels.

Jackie says working out as much as she can is an important stress reliever, both as a student and when she’s working. Sitting at a desk all day can leave her feeling lethargic, so Jackie makes an effort to get to the gym at least three times a week. if she’s working late she will make it up on the weekends when there are no excuses. Jackie likes to lift weights and do cardio. Anything to get her blood flowing and her body moving!

Carmen, Aaron, Nico, and Kieran are all on the Cassels Brock Miner Leaguers softball team this summer. It’s been an amazing way to meet people and have some fun outside the office. The team did great in the regular season and are now headed for the playoffs, so stay tuned!

These guys are all inspiring for managing to get up early, stay up late, work, workout, and (hopefully) have some downtime too! But it’s not always possible to do it all. So let’s all thank the real MVP of summer at CBB…COFFEE!

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