Chopped!: Cassels Brock Edition

Last week the summer students and the student committee got together for some delicious and fun-filled challenges at the Edible Story Toronto. The engaging event consisted of two challenges similar to the hit-TV show “Chopped”. In each challenge, the hosts would reveal  mystery ingredients and the two teams (mixed of committee members and students) would have 20 minutes to transform the ingredients into a meal. In both the appetizer and the dessert round, there were some impressive transformations.

Appetizer Round: fennel, king oyster mushrooms, brie, and chickpeas.


Top photo on left: A roasted chick pea stir fry with the fennel and mushrooms. The team then roasted the brie and topped it with some garnish and toasted bread to dip. (Chopped!)

Top photo on right: Handmade hummus spread over toast, melted brie on top, and a mushroom and fennel stir fry with roasted chickpeas to top it off. The dish was served with a side of pickled tomatoes.

Dessert Round: lady fingers, butterscotch chips, dulce de leche.


Top photo: deep-fried and pan-fried rhubarb with melted butterscotch chocolate chips, topped with a hand-made caramel sauce, whipped marshmellows, and dashes of cinnamon.

Middle photo: lady fingers topped with a hand-made vanilla and sugar cream, garnished with pomegranate; alternatively garnished with a caramel sauce and butterscotch. (Chopped!)

Overall, all the teams and the student committee judges had a blast participating in this summer event. We got to bond as a group and work as teams under the ticking clock. Plus, we got to eat all the food our team made alongside more delicious appetizers the host cooks at The Edible Story made for us on-site. Summerlicious!

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