Orientation Week Recap

Wow! Just 2 weeks ago, 15 eager students entered the main boardroom at Cassels Brock, truly excited for a memorable orientation week.

Our Commander-in-Chief, Shannon Leo, welcomed us with open arms. During our first day, we received a training session on the “ins and outs” of the firm, met with the marketing and business development team, received our freshly groomed iPhone 7s, and took head shots for the website.

One thing we can say about orientation week is that we were all VERY well fed. Between lunches with the student committee, International Diversity Lunch in celebration of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a 3 course meal at Mercato, and a “You Survived Orientation” meal at Terroni…let’s just say that everyone spent the weekend at their local gym.

Orientation gave us a wonderful sense of the firm culture. From meeting with partners and associates, to getting our offices, to learning about some of the exciting business deals and files the firms is working on, to working with our librarians about how to partake in cutting-edge legal research, it is clear that Cassels Brock is a place that truly cares about student mentorship and development.

There was no shortage of social activities throughout the week. After finishing Day 1, we all traveled to a nearby bar to celebrate our summer class with cocktails and appetizers. On Night 3, we had a delicious dinner at Wayne Gretzy’s followed by a hilarious comedy show at Second City. On Night 4, the entire firm welcomed us to a cocktail reception. In addition to the fantastic sushi bar, lots of introductions were exchanged.

A huge thank you to Shannon Leo and the student committee for an outstanding week. We leave you with our fellow colleague’s thoughts on orientation week.

Ave Bross: The summer student orientation at Cassels Brock was both fun and informative. The firm welcomed their students with open arms. The week consisted of educational training sessions as well as social activities that allowed the students to bond with each other and integrate themselves within the firm. It was a fantastic week and I am excited to be a member of the Cassels Brock team.

Heesoo Kim: I had high expectations of orientation week but they were exceeded. The various training and social activities provided ample opportunity to not only familiarize myself with the firm but truly get to know all the great members of the summer class team. It was an informative, exciting and inspiring experience and I’m grateful to already feel so at home at Cassels Brock.

Koen Yi: My favourite aspect of orientation week was meeting everyone in the new summer class. I had a great time getting to know my new cohort through the various activities that Shannon planned for us. The highlight of the week was when we all went to Second City to enjoy some good food and laughs.

If you would like to learn more about the summer student class, you can visit http://www.cbbstudents.com/Section/Students/Summer_Students_2017

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