Your Guide to Firm Tours

I’m sure you’ve heard that law firms all have a unique culture, and that you should try to find the one where you best “fit”. I heard that line a million times and I must say as a 1L I didn’t buy it. But, once I started going on firm tours I quickly realized that it is true! Firms really do have different cultures and firm tours are a great way to start discovering that.

That said, firm tours can be scary. For me it was the first time setting foot in a big law firm and I had no idea what to expect. But fear not – here are some tips to help you succeed at any firm tour:

1. Dress professionally – You don’t have to be in a full suit but remember that the students and lawyers running the tour are at work and will be dressed as such – you should be too! If you show up in cut-off jeans you’ll kind of stand out. For ladies a dress and a blazer is a great option.

2. Ask smart questions – The whole point of the tour is for you to learn more about what the firm is like, take advantage of that opportunity. That said don’t ask questions with obvious Googleable answers – don’t ask if Cassels does any work in mining (hint: we do…a lot). Focus on learning more about the intangibles of the firm, the culture, day to day life, the kind of work students get to do, basically the things you can’t just find on the website.

3. Relax and enjoy– Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Firm tours are more for you to learn about the firm than for the firm to learn about you. Relax and try to view firm tours as a learning opportunity more than anything else. Also eat! There is great food at these things and people are often too nervous to eat or think they shouldn’t for some reason. You should eat – the food is awesome and it’s there for you!

4. GO! – If you have the opportunity to go to firm tours I really recommend you do. It is a great low pressure way to get an introduction to the firm, and it can only serve to make you more informed and more comfortable as you navigate the recruit.


For information on firm tours you can contact your law school’s career development office or check the firm’s website. For Cassels I’ll save you the time, just click here.

Our firms tours will be a great opportunity to meet lawyers and students, learn about the summer program and the recruitment process, and they will be lunch!

The Toronto office has tours on June 28, July 21, and August 9 from 12:00-1:00.

The Vancouver office has an open house on July 13 from 4:30-5:30.

Hope to see you there!

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