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OCI Tips

Hi All,

I know the recruit is coming up quickly and I remember how stressful this time was. To help you out a bit I thought I’d poll the summer students here and ask them for their best advice. So, below you can find some great tips from the Cassels Brock Summer Students of 2016.

Before I begin I should say there is no one size fits all solution to the recruit. While these are all great tips the big take away is that you should try to be yourself. It’s not just about winding up anywhere – it’s about starting your career in a place you’ll feel happy and fulfilled. I know while your applying it just feels like you really need a job-any job, but trust me you’ll be much better off if you treat the process as a two way street and try to find a place that you love. And besides, you are awesome and smart and qualified, and even if you don’t land an OCI there are a million more great opportunities coming your way.

Here are some of the reasons this years summer class chose Cassels:

  • “The people – but also the tools and resources the firm provides for business development. This summer I’ve been able to attend multiple events and it was great being able to interact with our clients and develop my networking skills.” (Taschina, Dalhousie)
  • “The people, that’s why I’m here I connected well with the people.” (Florence, UofT)
  • “From the moment I walked into my OCI I felt the most comfortable here and all summer that’s continued. I feel really comfortable with the people at Cassels.” (Meghan, Osgoode)

*It should be noted that literally everyone said the people (because the people here really are that awesome) so I just picked some samples.

And without any further ado onto the recruitment tips!


  • “Don’t let your cover letter be a regurgitation of your resume, highlight a few skills and leave white space.” (Kojo, Osgoode)
  • “Your application is the first piece of your writing the firm will read, don’t just talk about your skills show them! Be clear, concise and persuasive.” (Tegan, UofT)
  • “Have your cover letter tell a story- highlight the best moments of your career.” (Taschina, Dalhousie)


  • “Make it a conversation.” (Meghan, Osgoode)
  • Think of an anecdote or a story for everything on your resume. Also, watch out for the skills and interests section, a lot of lawyers will ask about this.” (Richard, Windsor)
  • “Be prepared but relaxed, have some questions ready for your interviewers.” (Koen, UofT)

*these tips are also great for in-firms.


  • Be friendly and approachable to everyone, don’t discount the importance of being kind to other students, support staff and everyone else you meet.” (Florence, UofT)
  • “It’s a two way street- figure out what you like and where you will fit.” (Sam Chan, UofT)
  • “Do your research, know each firm well and, if possible, find out your interviewers in advance and learn about their career.” (Jasmine, Western)
  • “Get a card from everyone you meet and as soon as you’re done chatting with them write down a few things you spoke about. This will be so helpful for thank you emails.” (Tegan, Uoft)

And just remember you got into law school, you are doing awesome at life and everything will work out!

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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Koen, Tegan, Gaurav, Florence, Conrad, Sam C, and Sam S! This summer we celebrated a few birthdays and had some delicious cake in the process. No file is too big or work load too heavy to pause and celebrate your birthday!

1 62  4 53


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CBB Vancouver Cooks Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House

On Wednesday, CBB Vancouver hosted a Family Meal at the Ronald McDonald House near the BC Children’s Hospital. Staff and lawyers alike attended the event to BBQ a big meal for all of the families at the Ronald McDonald House. The event was a great success as we served over 100 people!

The Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation to ill children and their families when they must travel to Vancouver for treatment at the BC Children’s Hospital. Families at the House are often thrust into these difficult situations quickly and by surprise. Offering to make a meal for them gives them one less meal that they have to plan for and a little extra time to spend with each other.


CBB Vancouver @ the House

After the event, we received a tour of the new facilities at the House, got to spend some time in the Magic RoomTM, and went down the slides that go from floor to floor. All in all, it was a great way to spend some time out of the office and with awesome colleagues.

The summer students of CBB Vancouver are responsible for organizing this charitable event for staff and lawyers to attend each year. This will be the third year that CBB Vancouver attended the Ronald McDonald House for a Family Meal during the summertime and it is a tradition we hope to see continued!

Winda and Laith

Student Organizers, Laith and Winda take a well-deserved break for vanity

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Summer Softball

For me, baseball has always been a big part of summer. I grew up playing and going to Jays games, so I was thrilled when I found out Cassels has a softball team.

The Miner Leaguers take part in the Bay Street softball league, playing once a week against another firm. Last night we played our final regular season game and came out on top with a big win! This year we’ve been really successful and, with the victory yesterday, should finish somewhere in the top three spots in the league and have home field advantage going into playoffs.

Playing softball has been amazing – and not just because of how much I love the sport. It is a great way to meet more people from the firm and get to know them outside of the office, especially since we always go for wings and beer after the game. The team has a lot of long time players but Meghan and I, the new recruits, were welcomed with open arms and immediately felt like part of the team. There are regular players who come out every week and other spots are filled by subs or more occasional players so lots of people participate.


Sadly, I’ll be leaving for exchange before playoffs so for me it’s time to retire my glove ’till next season. But the Miner Leaguers will be fighting for that top spot so you can bet I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

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2016 Vancouver Pride Run / Walk

On July 24th, Cassels participated in the Vancouver Pride Run & Walk. The event is a 5 km run or walk along the seawall where participants can choose to stop at the Disco Water Station to get lathered in love and sparkles.

There were some amazing costumes – walking rainbows, cute gang of sailors in short shorts and pink neck ties, fluffy tutus, and much more. Families and friends came to support us as some of us huffed and puffed and others breezed through it with a shining smile.

The Pride Run & Walk is an annual event and all proceeds go to Out in Schools and the LOUD Foundation. Not only did we enjoy the energy level at the seawall during the run, we also enjoyed replenishing our energy with brunch by the water afterwards!

Vancouver Pride Run

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