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West Coast Wednesday: Lunch on Burrard Street

After being spoiled and ordering lunch in for the past month, Jon C. and I decided to take advantage of this brilliantly sunny June afternoon and venture outside of the office to eat. With over 100 street food vendors in Vancouver, we didn’t have to walk far before we found several artisanal food trucks serving everything from butter chicken to dim sum.


Line for butter chicken at Vikram Vij’s Railway Express

Lines of corporate lunch-breakers stretch for blocks as those with strict schedules to keep wait for a quick – yet delicious – lunch. It is somewhat paradoxical to eat street food while in formal business attire, but Jon and I followed suit and joined in the Tacofino queue.



Jon waiting very patiently

The wait was worth it. Very few things beat fish tacos for lunch, on a sunny afternoon, sitting on a patio in Vancouver! If you are undecided about whether you would prefer to work on Bay Street, or Burrard Street…


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What Are We Working On: Volume 2

In drafting this post, I’ve realized that in my first post I forgot to introduce myself – how rude!

My name is Rowan and while originally from Guelph, ON I’ve traded Main Street for Bay Street this summer to join Cassels Brock as a summer student. Before joining CBB, my exposure to the legal profession was limited to say the least. I had little to no idea what a summer student actually did on a day-to-day basis. For those of you who are in the same boat, I thought I’d briefly share some of the things I’m working on so that you can get a sense of whether working in a large full-service corporate firm is right for you.

Given the size and reach of our firm, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in a number of really interesting projects. I’ve researched copyright and trademark infringement, drafted various disclosure documents for public companies, drafted employment and merchant agreements, helped a charitable organization prepare for lobbying efforts, and assisted on a merger & acquisition transaction.

Each of those projects have been incredible learning opportunities, and the open summer program at CBB has allowed me to take on work from nearly every practice group at the firm. So, if you still can’t answer the question, “What kind of a lawyer do you want to be?” at family functions, don’t stress yourself out – you’ve got lots of time to figure it out.


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What Are We Working On?

First off, I would like to introduce myself –hello all! I am Sophie M. I am originally from Ottawa, but am proud to call Toronto home this summer. I’ll be returning to Queen’s Law in the fall for a final semester and then heading off to do some travelling after I write the Ontario Bar exams in March. My timing is a little different than most of my colleagues here, because I completed a dual degree program so I finish in December – woohoo!

During the recruitment process, I was quite curious about what to expect as a summer student. While I cannot speak to how other firms operate their summer student programs, I can tell you a little about my experiences over the past few weeks.

My summer has been off to a great start! I have gotten the chance to work with lots of different people, doing all different types of work. One of the cool projects in which I am involved is helping one of the lawyers here write an article on the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next summer. I have been researching the intellectual property and trademark challenges associated with the Games, and the general need to protect Olympic sponsors and Olympic marks.

As most countries have been doing prior to hosting world-class sporting events, Brazil has passed a number of pieces of legislation to protect official Olympic trademarks and copyrights. Brazil is unique because it recently hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and was able to experience firsthand the types of advertising and marketing challenges associated with sporting events of this magnitude. In researching for this article, my job has been to find out about what Brazil has done to protect its Olympic sponsors from obstacles such as ambush marketing. The article will focus on Brazil, but also discuss previous Olympics’ legislation and IP protections.

Unfortunately, the firm will not be sending me to Brazil next summer as part of this assignment, but I am working on getting to Tokyo for 2020.

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Chopped at Cassels Brock

On June 3rd, our Cassels team took a stroll over to St. Lawrence Market. What could we possibly be doing at St. Lawrence Market on a Wednesday evening you may ask? Why, attending My Place for Dinner Cooking School cooking! Here at CBB, they don’t just feed you – they make sure you know how to feed yourself!

Our night began with a nice wine (or beer) and cheese pairing. The cheese tray was more than we could have ever asked for; it was hard to pry us away from it. There was even aged cheddar cheese infused with Guinness! Yes, that’s right. Beer IN our cheese. How could the night get any better?


We then learned how to make Moroccan chicken with couscous. Unfortunately, they didn’t trust us to create this dish on our own, so we watched as one of the chefs prepared it for us. The final product was infused with cinnamon and cumin and cooked to perfection. The chefs at My Place For Dinner swear that it’s an easy recipe, but we’re definitely glad they took the reins on making this part of our meal.


We then split off into three groups to do some cooking of our own.

California Rolls – They took care of making the rice, but we got to roll and cut our own sushi!



Arugula and Kale Salad with Fresh Herbs and Roasted Almonds – We learned the trick is to massage the kale really well!


Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce – This was surprisingly not as difficult to make as it sounds. We even took the time to shape each piece using a fork. Nonna would be proud!


And, in true CBB form, we got to sit down with some great colleagues and enjoy a meal together after the learning was all done for the evening.





P.S: There was cake! Bourbon Chocolate Cake topped with a fresh dollop of whipped cream and a ruby-red raspberry. Enough said.


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Ride for Heart

Early this morning, I participated in The Becel Heart & Stroke 2015 Ride For Heart as part of the Cassels Brock Corporate Challenge Team. Together the Cassels team raised almost $10,000 in support of heart disease and stroke research! The ride was quite chilly and wet, but the views were spectacular! (Team t-shirt and free orange slices not featured in photos.)

Brief rest stop for a #selfie

Brief rest stop for a #selfie

View of Downtown Toronto from the Gardiner Expressway

View of Downtown Toronto from the Gardiner Expressway







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