Lawyers Feed the Hungry: The CBB Summer Student Edition

Last week, the CBB Toronto Summer Students and I traded in our suits for aprons and volunteered at Lawyers Feed the Hungry, a program which helps to provide meals to those in need.

We were shepherded to Osgoode Hall by our famed Director of Professional Development & Student Programs Deborah Glatter. We managed to make it to our destination together and unharmed, a small miracle considering we ignored Deborah’s request to use the walking rope she had brought for us (see photo below).



Walking rope


After arriving and donning our aprons, we were each assigned tasks which varied from serving water, milk, and tea to dishing out the desserts, a fielder’s choice between a banana and a cookie. All told, the CBB Summer Students and the dedicated Lawyers Feed the Hungry volunteers served over 400 meals to individuals and families who needed them. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and a good opportunity for us to give back to the community.

The program  is able to provide over 60,000 meals a year and is funded almost exclusively through charitable donations. With an operating budget of over $600,000, it relies heavily on donations from the legal community to keep its doors open. If you are interested in getting involved in any capacity or want to read more about the program, you get more information at <>.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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