Fashion Friday – CBB Student Advice Edition

As some of you may know, firm tours are well underway on Bay Street. In fact, we held our first one yesterday! Firm tours, although not mandatory for applicants, are a great way to get comfortable in a big firm environment without the added pressure of an official interview. If you’re in the city this summer, and can make it out to one, I would definitely recommend it.

Our firm tour on July 16 is already at capacity, but you can sign up for one on July 29 or August 11 at:

For those of you out in balmy Vancouver, we will be having an open house on July 22nd. Register at:

*Pro tip: If you aren’t available for a scheduled firm tour you can reach out to Leigh-Ann, our Assistant Director of Professional Development & Student Programs. She can put you in contact with a current summer student to chat about Cassels, the application process, OCIs, or anything in between.

OK, so you’re signed up for a firm tour. Now what? One thing we all think about is what to wear. Trading in a sweat suit for a business suit is a difficult emotional process, so I wrote this post to help ease the worries of anyone struggling with their game day outfit. Let’s face it – “look good, feel good” is a legitimate mental state, and if you’re comfortable and confident in what you wear it will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

I think the best piece of advice I received last summer was that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Now, I wouldn’t recommend re-wearing your prom dress for a firm tour or interview, but dressing up rather than dressing down is definitely the way to go. Just ask yourself if you would be comfortable meeting every single lawyer, staff, and client of the firm in what you’re wearing. If the answer is no, I would try to find something more appropriate.

Regardless of gender, it’s always safe to go with a suit. Ladies – don’t be worried about the skirtsuit vs. pantsuit debate. Honestly, it’s all about comfort.Whatever you feel best in, wear. It’s a pretty even 50/50 split and it’s based completely on personal preference.

Finding an appropriate suit isn’t the hard part. The difficulty comes, for me anyway, when trying to decide what top to pair with it! Try to reach for something that isn’t a tank top or too sheer. If you’re worried, wear a camisole underneath to cover your bases. For the ladies, a collared shirt is not necessary; in fact, I’d advise against it. They can be uncomfortable and restricting. Best to save them for interviews when you’ll need to bring out the big guns. If you don’t own a suit but you have an appropriate dress, pair it with a blazer and you’ll be good to go.

Same advice goes for whether you should wear heels or flats. If you are going to wear heels, just be sure that walking all day isn’t going to be an issue – and that they are appropriate office wear. If your doubting walkability over the course of the day, bring a pair of back-up flats or flip-flops to slip on pre and post tour.

Hair, makeup, and accessories are another important point that sometimes get overlooked. I think it’s best not to have unruly hair and not to wear stage makeup or costume jewellery. It’s OK to wear nail polish, but try sticking to neutral colours and make sure it isn’t chipped. Try to keep everything toned down but at the same time, be yourself. You want to feel good, but you do not want to be remembered for what you are wearing.

Gentlemen, I regret to inform you that my fashion advice for you is rather basic – but hey, at least it isn’t complicated. Throw on your favourite suit and tie, a pair of dress-shoes, add in a pair of stylish socks and remember to iron your shirt!

As an added bonus to all of this well-crafted advice, I’m providing you with examples of how to “dress for success” like a CBB student.




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