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CBB Vancouver’s Family Barbeque at Ronald McDonald House

It’s hard to believe it, but Arend and I have finished our summer term at CBB Vancouver!

Our last week at the office has been jam-packed with awesomeness, but the best part was CBB Vancouver’s Family Barbeque at the beautiful facilities of Ronald McDonald House of British Columbia. It was a fantastic event and an ideal way to finish our summer.

About Ronald McDonald House of British Columbia (RMHBC)

RMHBC is a non-profit organization that provides accommodation to families of critically-ill children who travel to Vancouver to receive live-saving medical treatment.

The House offers a “home away from home” for guests from across BC and the Yukon. A dedicated team of staff and volunteers create a welcoming environment where families gather for comfort and support during a challenging time in their lives.

Last month, RMHBC relocated to a new complex with amazing facilities. The new House has 73 bedrooms and was carefully designed to attend to the needs of visiting families. The complex includes amenities like a LEGO playroom; a gym for adults; four fully-equipped, state-of-the-art, industrial kitchens; and a “teens only” lounge.

There are even “kid-sized” doors at the front entrance of the House!

rmhc (2)

Our favourite part of the new House was the slide that you can use instead of the stairs.

rmhc (7)

Arend also really liked the teddy bears.

rmhc (1)

For more information on RMHBC, please visit their website:

CBB Vancouver’s Family Barbeque

On August 14, representatives from CBB Vancouver prepared a barbeque feast for 50 residents of RMHBC. We worked together to create a buffet of comfort food, including hotdogs, cheeseburgers, salmon burgers, caesar salad, popsicles and brownies.

rmhc (3)

rmhc (5)

It was wonderful to meet the families at RMHBC; we were humbled and inspired by their optimism, strength, and resilience. We’re already excited to visit the House again next year!

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to the staff and volunteers at RMHBC. They led us on a tour of the House when we arrived, and they were incredibly welcoming, helpful, and supportive throughout our event. We really appreciate their hard work!

The Family Meal Program at RMHBC

We organized our Family Barbeque through RMHBC’s “Family Meal Program,” an initiative where groups of volunteers can sign up to prepare breakfast or dinner for families at the House.

For more information on the Family Meal Program at RMHBC, please follow this link:

Farewell for now!

Arend and I had a blast at CBB Vancouver as summer students and we’re looking forward to coming back for articles.

Thanks for checking out our blog posts – I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jenna C.

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Hello, Goodbye.

Well, it’s been a time. But all good things must come to an end, even free lunches. As the summer draws to a close, it is now time to look back and reflect on all the amazing memories we have made over the past 3 and a half months. Full disclosure, this is very difficult to type as my keyboard is covered in tears.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts!

Until next summer,

Amanda, Ben, James, Jenna, Lauren, and Noah


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My Top Ten OCI Tips

1)    Be yourself. Your grades, cover letter, and resume got you the OCI. Now it’s time to be yourself and show the interviewers who you really are.

2)    Smile. Take a deep breath, relax, and smile. Despite how nervous you might be, don’t forget to smile!

3)    Maintain eye contact. Maintaining eye contact with your interviewers shows that you are listening and engaged. It also displays self-confidence (refer to tip #4).

4)    Be confident. Confidence is contagious. If you are confident in yourself, your interviewers will be confident in you!

5)   Give a firm handshake. Shake your interviewers hand firmly while maintaining eye contact. Refer to point 3 and 4 for why.

6)    Dress the part. I wish I could tell you that what you wear does not matter. But I can’t. You do not have to go out and buy a $1000 Gucci suit but you should also avoid old white sneakers and baggy hand-me-down suits with tweed elbow patches.

7)    Ask for a business card. You should follow-up with an email to every lawyer you meet during OCI’s. Taking their business card is a good way to stay organized.

8)    Wear a watch. You will be pressed for time (especially during in-firms) and you do not want to have to pull out your phone to check the time.

9)    Do your research. You will find out which lawyers are interviewing you beforehand and you should research them to learn about their practice areas. Prepare some questions for the lawyers that show that you did your homework.

10)   Ask thoughtful questions. Every interview will end with the opportunity to ask the interviewers questions. Have a list prepared for every OCI so that you are not caught off guard.

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West Coast Wednesday (Special Thursday Edition): Tips and Tricks for Vancouver’s “Big Firm” Hiring Process

To all of you brilliant and amazing almost-2Ls out there:

How is it August already!?!? Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, and a cloud of palpable stress has descended over law students across Canada…


Don’t worry, CBB Vancouver has your back.

In our second-to-last West Coast Wednesday post of summer 2014, Arend and I want to share our insights about Vancouver’s “big firm” hiring process. We both remember how it felt to ride the emotional roller coaster of job applications last year. Somehow we both made it through in one piece and ended up with jobs that we love.

We have comments on all stages of the application process, from visiting firms in the summer to the “grand finale” of Interview Week. Hopefully you’ll find at least some of what we’ve written to be helpful!

In the summer


  • Invite summer students to coffee – The benefits are immense: you get one-on-one time, students can give you the best impression of what being a summer student is like, you get free coffee and possibly a snack, you might be introduced to some other firm members, and you will make an impression just by reaching out. Always send a follow-up thank you email after the coffee – it’s a nice gesture that will be noticed and appreciated.
  • Do research before you visit firms or meet with students – It makes a good impression if you seem interested and knowledgeable about the firm.


  • Visit as many firms as you can – The best way to get a sense of the general atmosphere of a firm is to visit its office. You can sign up for group tours and open houses, or contact a firm’s student coordinator and request to meet with a summer student individually.
  • Contact people you know who are working in firms you’re interested in – People you know are more likely to give you candid feedback on their experiences at a firm. They may also put in a good word for you when you apply, which can set you apart from other applicants.

“Wine and Cheese” events


  • Arrive early – If you arrive at the very beginning of the event, you will have more opportunities to meet with lawyers and face less competition from other candidates.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get an opportunity to make an impression on the lawyers – These events can be challenging and intimidating. In a typical evening you might only be able to chat with four or five lawyers, and even when you do, you’ll be competing with other students trying to interject. You’re unlikely to get a job offer or an invitation for coffee or dinner afterwards. The real purpose of the wine and cheese is for students to get an understanding of the firm and a taste of its culture.
  • Relax and enjoy the free cheese – mmmmm cheese!

When you submit your applications


  • Narrow your focus – Some students apply widely, willing to try everything, while others, with clear career objectives, limit their scope. It’s challenging to give advice on how many applications to send, but don’t send an application if you have no intention of working for the firm or in their area of law.
  • Use the resources provided by the UBC Law Career Services Office (CSO) – They provide useful templates and examples of resumes and cover letters. If you aren’t from UBC you can still contact the CSO and inquire about accessing these resources.


  • If you’re applying from an out-of-province school, or you aren’t from Vancouver, emphasize your connection to the city in your application – Firms want to ensure that you’re committed to working in Vancouver before they hire you. Mention why you want to work in Vancouver in your cover letter and be prepared to answer questions on this topic during your interviews.
  • Be strategic about how you write your cover letters – Make sure to mention any visits you made to the firm and the people you met. It will distinguish you application and demonstrate your interest in the firm.
  • PROOFREAD THOROUGHLY – Firms receive hundreds of applications. You want to stand out for the right reasons, not because you misspelled someone’s name or addressed your letter to the wrong firm.



  • Don’t worry if you don’t get asked any “serious” questions about your work and life experience –Interviewers will often ask questions about trivial parts of your resume because they want to hear a non-scripted answer and learn more about you as a person. Be yourself, engage in what they would like to discuss, and be personable.


  • Keep smiling and don’t complain –Bring lots of energy to every conversation and be aware of the body language you’re conveying. If anyone asks you how your day is going, keep your comments positive and upbeat. The OCI process is draining and depressingly similar to speed dating, but just imagine being the interviewers! Likely they are even more burnt out than you, so try to make their job as easy as possible and make an effort to connect with them in engaging conversation.
  • Make a list of questions to ask your interviewers, but don’t feel like you have to stick to your script –To calm your nerves, spend some time thinking of some questions to ask your interviewers during the inevitable, “do you have any questions for us?” phase of the OCI. Write your questions down and bring the list with you to review, if needed, while you wait between interviews. Don’t force your questions; relax and go with the natural flow of the conversation whenever possible. If an interviewer mentions something that you’re genuinely interested in, ask about it! Don’t worry too much if you don’t get time to ask all of your questions, you can save them for interview week!

“Call Day” for Interview Week


  • Be selective in who you choose to interview with – I’d recommend taking five or six interviews. Having to manage 8 or 10 interviews during interview week will be exhausting, and will reduce the energy you need to woo your favourite firms.


  • Make a game plan ahead of time – Write out a list of your OCI firms in order of your preference. Schedule your preferred firms earlier in the week (preferably Monday). If possible, leave the Wednesday open and unscheduled. Wednesday should be used for follow-up interviews with your favourite firms, which will be scheduled during Interview Week.
  • Write out a blank timetable in advance and fill in the time slots when firms call – Allow two hours for each interview (just to be safe). Include time slots for the evenings, as there will be receptions and dinners. You can squeeze a reception and dinner into one evening if need be, but don’t RSVP to a reception if you think you’ll be there for less than an hour.
  • If you make a mistake, people will understand – Firms know that this is a stressful and hectic process for candidates. If you double-book or need to cancel an interview, just call or email the firm’s student coordinator and politely explain what happened. They will understand, especially if you get in touch as promptly as possible and well in advance of the interview.

Interview Week


  • Keep your long-term career goals in mind – It’s easy to be excited at the prospect of working for an impressive firm, but don’t let the short-term glory of telling your grandma you’ll be working for a former Supreme Court judge cloud your long-term goals. This is more than just a summer job: chances are that you’ll be with this firm through articles and during your first few years as a lawyer.
  • Make sure you actually like people at the firms you’re interested in – A smart candidate prefers fit over prestige. The excitement of getting a summer job will quickly pass, and you’ll be left with the people you chose.
  • Profess your love to firms (appropriately) – As Jenna will discuss below, telling a firm that they’re your “first choice” is a terrifying but essential process. I recommend on Tuesday or Wednesday leading up to it by telling a firm that “you’re one of my top choices.” If you get any love back from them, then jump in and shout “I LOVE CASSELS!!! I can think of nothing better than spending an entire summer here!” (replacing “Cassels” with whatever firm you claim you can love as much as Jenna and I love Cassels). What about backup firms? Tell your number two “you’re among my two preferred firms,” and your third “you’re among my top three.” If you don’t want a firm to call, don’t tell them anything.


  • Be nice to everyone – Every minute you spend visiting a firm during Interview Week is an opportunity to impress and make a good impression. This may seem obvious, but treat everyone you encounter with respect and consideration, from students to support staff to senior partners. Everyone has a say in hiring decisions.
  • Anticipate sources of stress and deal with the ones that are within your control – Interview Week is nerve-wracking enough, the last thing you want is to be worried about is a stain on your shirt or bad breath. I recommend carrying a bag of survival essentials, including tide-to-go, breath mints, extra pairs of nylons (you know they will rip), a cell phone charger, band aids, and energy bars (stomach grumbling mid-interview is the worst).
  • Consider staying in a hotel downtown – Even if you’re from Vancouver, staying downtown removes the unnecessary stress of waiting for a bus or a cab in the morning and reduces the time it takes you to get home to crash after a long day. I also found that it helped me stay “in the zone” and provided invaluable quiet time to think and reflect on the firms that I interviewed with.
  • If you know a firm is your first choice, TELL THEM! But only if you’re sure… You can only say “you’re my first choice” to one firm in the interview process, so make sure you say it to the right one! This phrase is code for “if you call me on call day, I will accept your offer.” If you say this to a firm and then decline their offer, you will burn bridges and start out your career with a negative reputation. Save the “first choice” conversation for Wednesday, after you’ve had at least one interview with all of the firms and carefully considered your options.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about CBB Vancouver. We know that that preparing applications for OCI’s and Interview Week is stressful and we’re happy to help in any way we can!

Best of luck with the application process! Not that you’ll need luck, because you will do great.

Until next Wednesday,

Jenna C.

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Like two peas in a pod…

As a collective, the summer students at Cassels have grown immensely close over the past 3 months. But the reality of being a summer student on Bay is that it is common to share an office with a  colleague. And to be honest, it’s kinda sweet (even the Chosen Ones are a little jealous). The formula Leigh-Ann uses to choose partners is a mystery – some say it is a complex mathematical algorithm, others claim she hires Maggie the Monkey for an afternoon  ( In any event, her matchmaking prowess is undeniable. Take a look at the answers to the brief quiz I circulated below, you’ll agree.

At the Toronto office, there are three categories: The Peas in a Pod (share an officemate), the Chosen Ones (do not share an officemate but are blessed with a window) and the Harry Potters (all alone with no window).

Peas in a Pod (BFFLs):

  1. My name:  Jacquie Richards
  2. My officemate: Amanda Metallo
  3. Floor: 19
  5. Favourite thing about her:  Her sparkly clean desk, healthy breakfasts and infectious laugh that echoes softly through the halls of the business law floor, reminding its inhabitants that there is hope for lawyerkind yet.
  6. My pet peeve about her: She gets more views than me on LinkedIn.
  7. Her pet peeve about me:  Even though she’d never say it,  I don’t think she likes the office palm tree I selected for us, and that hurts.
  8. Fun fact: Amanda is absolutely terrible at looking after plants.
  9. If she was a celeb:  50 Cent.
  10. Her themesong: “Genie in a Bottle”
  11. Her in a hashtag: #downwithamanda
  12. What I will miss the most about her:  the constant back and forth chatter, bizarre health kicks followed by gummy bears and having someone trapped in a room with me who is forced to listen to my beautiful singing voice for weeks on end.
  1. My name: Amanda Metallo
  2. My officemate: Jacquie Richards
  3. Floor: 19
  4. Nickname I gave ­­her: Jacquie ‘the Klutz’ Richards (since she cannot go more than a day without spilling her food all over herself)
  5. Favourite thing about her: She understands the beauty in quietly enjoying a morning coffee. We have fallen into the perfect routine of not speaking during our first hour of work, followed by constant chatter all day long.
  6. My pet peeve about her: Her artistic abilities outshine mine. While most lawyers who notice our paintings comment that they are both well done (in an attempt to make me feel better), Jacquie insists that we position our paintings side by side to highlight the stark differences.
  7. Her pet peeve about me: My higher rank in LinkedIn views
  8. Fun fact: Jacquie is abnormally obsessed with planes and helicopters. She constantly tells me to look out the window at the “cool” flying objects.
  9. If she was a celeb: Erin Brockovich (additional fun fact: Jacquie’s law school personal statement expressed her desire to practice environmental law)
  10. Her themesong: Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera
  11. Her in a hashtag: #alwaysbroken (she has ripped/destroyed multiple work outfits this summer)
  12. What I will miss the most about her: Our office supports the “another set of eyes” editing approach. I will miss Jacquie’s editing skills and her willingness to act as my personal thesaurus.


  1. My name: Michael Garbuz
  2. My officemate: David Kelman   
  3. Floor: 19
  4. Nickname I gave ­­him: The Comb
  5. Favourite thing about him: Love of Wendy’s
  6. My pet peeve about him: Too likeable
  7. His pet peeve about me: Organizing documents too loudly
  8. Fun fact: David is going on exchange in Singapore next semester!
  9. If he was a celeb: Brett Lawrie
  10. His themesong: Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball
  11. Him in a hashtag: #indemand
  12. What I will miss the most about him: When he asks me for style / outfit tips
  1. My name: David Kelman
  2. My officemate: Michael Garbuz
  3. Floor: 19
  4. Nickname I gave ­­him: Ricky
  5. Favourite thing about him: Knowledge of fashion and always down for breakfast
  6. My pet peeve about him: When he lurks behind my chair breathing heavily
  7. His pet peeve about me: I cast a pretty big shadow…
  8. Fun fact: We played hockey in the same league and went to the same camp for a few years but did not know each other.
  9. If he was a celeb: Ricky Martin
  10. His themesong: Livin’ La Vida Loca
  11. Him in a hashtag: #creepysmile #blankstare
  12. What I will miss the most about him: General chills in the office.


  1. My name: Mike Mahoney
  2. My officemate: Robyn Blumberg
  3. Floor: 18
  4. Nickname I gave ­­her: Robbot
  5. Favourite thing about her: Robyn is always in a good mood even though she takes on the most work. It really helps me through my day. Nobody puts in as late nights and then comes back like nothing happened. If I didn’t have her as a great example, I wouldn’t be as productive as I am.
  6. My pet peeve about her: She steals all of my office supplies. I once had a stapler. And file folders. These are all gone.
  7. Her pet peeve about me: I distract her throughout the day with inane comments and I absentmindedly make noises that drive her crazy. I also push calories at her like nobody’s business. I’m also really deaf – I repeatedly ask, “What’d you say?” and make her repeat everything she asks me.
  8. Fun fact: Robbot’s outer shell is made of a fleshy, skin-like substance. Also, chocolate milk makes Robyn tick.
  9. If she was a celeb: Joe Biden
  10. Her theme song: Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon
  11. Her in a hashtag: #robbobprobs
  12. What I will miss the most about her: We fell into a friendship right away and I was fortunate to have a patient and funny person whose company I could enjoy day in, day out. Even if I had the option I wouldn’t trade our shared, dimly lit, little room for my own office. It’s such a great, goofy time we have. God bless her robot heart.
  1. My name: Robyn Blumberg
  2. My officemate: Michael Mahoney
  3. Floor: 18
  4. Nickname I gave ­­him: Marcel (‘the turtle’)
  5. Favourite thing about himr: His thoughtfulness. Whether he asks how my day is going, how he can help (he has photocopied something for me before and responded to my incessant phone calls while away at court), or brings me one of my favourite snacks (Nestea, Swedish Berries). He also knows when to be serious and when to take a moment to have fun (which usually entails making fun of me in some capacity).
  6. My pet peeve about him: Repetitive fidgeting (tapping his pen against his desk, moving a cup back and forth over and over and over again). He also knows exactly what pushes my buttons and uses this to make fun of me.
  7. His pet peeve about me: My continual muttering under my breath – he thinks I’m talking to him, but really I’m talking to myself. He always asks me to provide an explanation (and this is then a pet peeve of mine).
  8. Fun fact:
  • I try to beat Marcel into the office only so that I can record my voicemail message in peace. Otherwise, he does anything in his power to keep me from recording properly. I laugh too easily!
  • I keep replacing all of my broken supplies with his perfectly good ones. Thanks for the stapler Marcel!
  • Marcel once spent a good 45 minutes teaching himself how to sew a button back onto his suit. He had a ‘how to’ step-by-step guide up on his computer and was successful in his mission!
  1. If he was a celeb: Hippie Orlando Bloom
  2. His themesong: Star Wars Empire Theme Song
  3. Him in a hashtag: #wannagoforsnack
  4. What I will miss the most about him: His friendliness and support. He puts up with so much (my singing, loud typing, questions, story time), but yet he is so gracious. Couldn’t have asked for a better office mate! The boys on 18 have become my summer brothers – I will miss their daily visits over the year!


  1. My name: Andrew Chan
  2. My officemate: Chad Podolsky
  3. Floor: 20
  4. Nickname I gave ­­him: Chaddy Chad Chad
  5. Favourite thing about him: Post weekend stories
  6. My pet peeve about him: Nervous energy results in Chad raising his voice to monstrous volumes when he’s on the phone (note: he has improved in this department since his first day)
  7. His pet peeve about me: My tough love and leadership that has moulded him into the man he is today. He will one day love me for it.
  8. Fun fact: Chad likes to clean his glasses twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Once I hear the spraying noise behind me I know what’s going on.
  9. If he was a celeb: Bill Nye the Science Guy
  10. His themesong: Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison
  11. Him  in a hashtag: #wildchad
  12. What I will miss the most about him: Laughing about random things in the office and singing songs together
  1. My name: Chad Podolsky
  2. My officemate: Andrew Chan
  3. Floor: 20
  4. Nickname I gave ­­him: Chanimal, Chan-man, Andrew Chanstein, Chan Podolsky
  5. Favourite thing about him: Proofreads my emails, prooflistens to my voicemails
  6. My pet peeve about him: Doesn’t care about my Blue Jays updates
  7. His pet peeve about me: When I give him Blue Jays updates
  8. Fun fact: Looks like the 15-year-old golfing phenom, Guan Tianlang
  9. If he was a celeb: James Rodriquez
  10. His/her themesong: Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana… CHAN-MAN!
  11. Him in a hashtag: #dontaskmeaboutduedilligence
  12. What I will miss the most about him: Our PCFO’s


  1. My name: Xi Chen    
  2. My officemate: Lauren Grossman
  3. Floor: 19
  4. Nickname I gave ­­her: Laur (‘lore’)
  5. Favourite thing about her: Generally lovely person; super considerate and always asks for permission before getting on the phone
  6. My pet peeve about her: N/A
  7. Her pet peeve about me: opens the door without knocking
  8. Fun fact: Jewish weddings never happen on a Friday night
  9. If she was a celeb: An Olsen
  10. Her themesong: Survivor theme song
  11. Her in a hashtag: #highprofile
  12. What I will miss the most about her: Constant supply of mints …and her little bag of green pills …
  1. My name: Lauren Grossman
  2. My officemate: Xi Chen
  3. Floor: 19
  4. Nickname I gave ­­her: Xi Chan
  5. Favourite thing about her: when she tells off Matt Gold
  6. My pet peeve about her: She dresses better than me
  7. Her pet peeve about me: I often talk to myself, I presume it might piss her off a little bit
  8. Fun fact: She has a burning desire to learn about Judaism and Matt Gold’s heritage
  9. If she was a celeb: Lucy Lu
  10. Her themesong: Candle in the Wind by Elton John
  11. Her in a hashtag: #XICHEN
  12. What I will miss the most about him/her: everything!


  1. My name: Alexandra Elizabeth Frances Murphy
  2. My officemate: James William Lyle
  3. Floor: 20
  4. Nickname I gave him: Lyle, #Broboy, J. Lyle
  5. Favourite thing about him: Sense of humour and chill vibe
  7. His pet peeve about me: The huge difference between “Stressed Murph” and “Relieved Murph”
  8. Fun fact: J. Lyle will be the first to tell you that he has a condo in Yorkville.
  9. If he was a celeb: Kris Humphries. Lolzers.
  10. His themesong: Graduation by Vitamin C. He serenades me with this every time we part for the evening
  11. Him in a hashtag: #Lolzers #KCBO #Litgirl
  12. What I will miss most about him: Urrryting. You’re my boy, Blue!
  1. My name: James William Lyle
  2. My officemate: Alexandra Elizabeth Frances Murphy
  3. Floor: 20
  4. Nickname I gave ­­her: #LITGURL, ‘Xandra
  5. Favourite thing about her: Her aggressive/sassy side.
  6. My pet peeve about her: She plays this little game with me that leaves her laughing hysterically every time, and it goes something like this: She will dial out to another one of the summer students very gently so that I cannot hear the keystrokes, and they when the person picks up she asks something coy like, “Can I ask you a question?”. I mistakenly think she is talking to me and respond nicely with “Yes, of course Alex”. She then yells to the person on the other line “HAHAHA LYLE THINKS I’M TALKING TO HIM!!!”
  7. Her pet peeve about me: I’ll admit I’ve had a bit of a frog in my throat this summer.
  8. Fun fact: Despite her heavily Irish name, Alex attended a French high school.
  9. If she was a celeb: Iggy Azalea
  10. Her theme song: “0 to 100” by Drake. Her approach to Lit files and life in general.
  11. Her in a hashtag: #Yeaaaaaa,aboutthatttt.
  12. What I will miss the most about her: Having a good cry with her in our office every Wednesday  at 4 pm (in the Cry Corner, of course).


The Chosen Ones (no officemate, solo window-gazing, sun-bathing):

  1. My name: Kwaku Tabi
  2. Floor: 18
  3. My office faces (N,E,S,W): West
  4. Favourite part about my view: My view of the National Club’s patio. Hearing the lovely sounds of a violin and witnessing a wedding. Looks so beautiful on a sunny day.
  5. Least favourite part about my view: The insanely close view of another building. My only regret is not attempting to start a romance with someone in the other building by leaving notes on my window.
  6. If I could trade my view for someone else’s, it would be: I wouldn’t trade my view. I’m happy I’m not stuck looking at the eye-sore of construction, or close to the noise. And the sunshine is lovely coming through my window.
  1. My name: Matthew Gold
  2. Floor: 19
  3. My office faces (N,E,S,W): East
  4. Favourite part about my view:  The tiny sliver of the lake I can see over top of the buildings.
  5. Least favourite part about my view:  The sun hits the window pretty hard in the morning, and when your supposed friends turn up the thermostat to 30 Celsius, it can get a bit uncomfortable..
  6. If I could trade my view for someone else’s, it would be:  Chan/Chad’s office
  1. My name: Stephanie Provato
  2. Floor: 19
  3. My office faces (N,E,S,W): West
  4. Favourite part about my view: spying on the patio guests at The National Club
  5. Least favourite part about my view: it only gets sunlight after 5:00pm
  6. If I could trade my view for someone else’s, it would be: Lauren’s & Xi’s – to be able to wave at the construction workers working on the neighbouring building


The Harry Potters (no officemate, no windows, only-child):

  1. My name: Ben Goodis
  2. My long-lost officemate, separated at birth is: Noah Leszcz
  3. If we magically became officemates, the first thing I would say to him is:
  1. My name: Noah Samuel Leszcz
  2. My long-lost officemate, separated at birth is: Ben Goodis
  3. If we magically became officemates, the first thing I would say to him is: “Finally our desks can be as close to each other as you are to my heart”

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