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Top Ten Tuesday “10 Most Interesting Things We’ve Done This Summer…So Far”

 It has been a while since we’ve seen a Top 10 Tuesday so it’s with great pleasure I’m bringing this to you all. The students at CBB have been itching to share all those very exciting things we’ve been working on this summer. So today’s Top 10 features the untold stories of what we’ve been up to!

Number 10: Michelle Sutkiewicz (that’s me) worked on a memo for a lawyer who then gave me the chance to write the factum for an upcoming application. The factum was due to the other side just a few short days after my internal due date.

Number 9: Alex Williamson did research on just cause and the admissibility of post-discharge medical evidence for a labour arbitration happening later this month. She’s waiting to see her research in action in a few weeks.

Number 8: Evan Eliason co-authored an article for a sports law website on the use of event-specific legislation in the Olympic Games. The article examines intellectual property legislation enacted by host countries in advance of the Olympic Games designed to protect the IOC, the Olympic brand, and the official sponsors of the Olympic Games. The legislation provides trademark protection to various Olympic marks, words, and phrases, and grants exclusive marketing rights to the official sponsors of the Games.

Number 7: Mike Alvaro helped Dave Goldstein update a chapter on the NHL Contract Negotiations for the Law of Professional & Amateur Sports. He spent a few days reading through the new NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement and updating the relevant sections of the chapter.

Number 6:  Peter Reinitzer was involved in a litigation matter a few weeks ago. After familiarizing himself with the case and doing some research, his supervising lawyer let him take a shot at writing his submissions. He also was given several opportunities to interview the client prior to the hearing.

Number 5: Hilary Fender worked on a motion where a third party was attempting to claim standing on the proceedings. Our client held the same position as this third party, and Hil had the opportunity to join a meeting and observe the lawyers from Cassels and the opposing firm strategize and coordinated their approach to the motion. Hil then attended court for the full-day proceeding, and saw three different lawyers argue their position.

Hil made three conclusions: (1) Litigation really is expensive (2) Lunch break at court is NOT at noon, and quiet snacks are a must (3) Reading other lawyer’s dockets is a much less fun version of reading your sister’s diary (which obviously, she never did..)

Number 4: Laura McGee attended the Ontario Security Commission for a 10 day trial and was able to sit in on cross examinations.

Number 3: Daniel Shiff went to an investment banker’s meeting and met with underwriters for a read through of a prospectus.

Number 2: Amir Har-Gil is making his first appearance in provincial offences court today to adjourn a matter. I hope the “breakfast club” ( gave Amir a hardy bagel, he needs all the energy he can get.

Number 1: Nick Carmichael took to the skies and landed in Vancouver to attend a meeting at which a delegation of Canadian federal negotiators debriefed representatives from the Yukon Territories on the status of the devolution of legislative powers from Parliament to the Northwest Territories Legislature, in respect of control and administration over their natural resources.  Because the National Energy Board had been appointed by Canada as the sole energy regulator, by the terms of the agreement, Nick made a brief pit stop in Calgary to confer with them as well.  Nick shadowed the meetings and had the opportunity to pour over and edit the final draft agreement.  Needless to say Nick felt very privileged to witness politics, government and law intersect at such a high-level and to engage in a process that reshaped the political configuration of our country.

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The Breakfast Club

The male students sitting on the 19th floor this summer, which is the business law floor – because we mean business – have formed what some may call a ‘breakfast club’. The club includes Michael Alvaro, Andrew Chan, Roey Fishman, Jake Goldberg, Amir Har-Gil, and David Kelman. Many other students have joined, and while their presence was delightful and is always encouraged, they are unfortunately at ‘non-member’ status. (Generally, these folks are more concerned with getting a ‘boost’er juice and are not true breakfast aficionados.)

On mornings where we aren’t too busy and have sufficient hungry members the boys head down to eat. Here comes the tough question…where do we go? This blog post will discuss a few of the main options.

Within Scotia Plaza we generally go to Bagel Stop. While there are other good breakfast options, including a Tim Horton’s, Bagel Stop has the freshest bagels and quickest service. Sometimes David Kelman will get a bacon grilled cheese from some other place, but we forgive him because he is a rookie.

In Commerce Court, a few minute walk through the Path, there may be the best assortment of breakfast options known to man. It is like taking a kid to a candy shop, but it is 6 hungry fellows going to breakfast heaven. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Heidi’s Deli

Heidi’s Deli is the only non-chain establishment. Consequently, it has the best prices and the most typical diner style breakfast. For those members that are quite hungry the platter is definitely the best breakfast option. For $5 (including tax) one gets 2 eggs any style, toast, bacon/sausage, and epic potatoes. Truly a great deal and the seasoning on the potatoes is simply delicious.  As an aside, one time Andrew bought me a fried egg sandwich on a bagel from this place and it was far worse than bagel stop. I have since forgiven him for his mistake.

IMG-20130628-00006Here is a half eaten example of the platter. As you can see there is no shortage of bacon.

  • Bagel Stop

There is also a Bagel Stop in Commerce Court which makes the breakfast selection far more inclusive of everyone’s needs than staying in Scotia Plaza. This restaurant is a better breakfast alternative only if one is interested in getting anything to do with a bagel. The diverse menu of bagels and spreads is great and bagels are much fresher. They have definitely perfected the technique of microwaving the egg (with bacon if desired) for an exquisite scrambled egg sandwich. Jake will always advise hot sauce. I concur with his judgement.

  • Fit for Life

I only include this because Amir likes their omelettes. They definitely look good, but I cannot speak to the quality of this breakfast establishment. But he is a member of the club and I respect his decisions – for better or worse.

  • The Cereal Bar

Today we tried this place for the first time. Andrew was scared so he stuck with the platter from Heidi’s. Unfortunately, the boys have to keep their bodies in top shape so a visit to this place was in order. Jake and Mike had the hot cereal, which is oatmeal with some cool toppings. I would say a little watery looking but nonetheless looked good. I had the yogurt with granola and fruits which was actually quite nice. I like that they give choices of multiple different yogurts and include many toppings in the base price. All in all, a great place to maintain my temple of a body, while not getting too full before a firm lunch.

If you would like to join in on a breakfast excursion we would be happy to include you! Please send a short 500 word essay to explaining why you love breakfast as much as we do…

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Vancouver Student/Associate Event at Raw Canvas

Guest Post by Michael Brown

Our first student/associate event of the summer took place at Raw Canvas, a – wait for it – wine bar, tap house and art studio located in the sleepy, yuppie-infused neighbourhood of Yaletown. It promised food, good conversation, and unavoidably, painting. An unusual combination anchored by a tried and true premise: a chance to unwind, talk about other things, and have a few laughs.


The entrance door to Raw Canvas had a sign taped to the glass announcing “Wet Paint”. Nothing wrong with a little tongue and cheek, I thought to myself. Yet the sign was no joke. There really was wet paint. And after holding the door for my fellow co-workers (insert “awws” for a selfless act of chivalry here), I was left with a gritty black paint mark on my right hand. However luckless, my folly felt like an appropriate start to the evening.


We were seated at a large table and briefed on the evening’s order of events. As a space, Raw Canvas is divided into 2 sections: the upper dining area and the aptly named “Paint Pit.” We were to take each in turn.


The "Paint Pit"

The “Paint Pit”

We also met the resident artist, Alex, who would later lend balance to our brush strokes. Soon adult grape juice was flowing into fishbowl wine glasses and freshly sliced baguettes landed on the table. Next came the charcuterie, and it was impressive. Five, no six! Now seven!!…floor tiles (literally) were crowded with items like duck rillettes, gigandis beans, cerignola olives and elk and juniper salami. To accompany, cheeses like taleggio, nostrala, bleu d’auvergue and le baluchon. The spread made other charcuterie I’d seen before look like a couple packs of Kraft Handi-Snacks and store-bought baloney.



As our taste buds traveled to new places, so did the conversation. A millionaire losing his fortune in Nevada real estate. The social dynamic of female drinking. Bob Ross. What the heck was all over Michael’s right hand?


As our miniature feast dwindled, Alex paid a visit to request our presence in the Paint Pit. Suddenly, there was a nervous energy in our group: hapless students and lawyers who hadn’t donned a smock since the year the song “Whoomp! (There It Is)” came out. But Whoomp! There we were, far from the calming comfort of our office chairs and annotated BCSAs, trading pens for palettes. Thankfully, we were not without precedent. Silk-screened onto each canvas was the subject of our painting, the outline of a fox gazing at trees. Or were the trees actually mountains? Couldn’t the fox be a wolf? What is the meaning of life? Where did I leave my wine?

Bristle met blank slate, and tensions melted. Alex watched over us. Some splashed colour all over, blissfully ignorant of the outline provided. Some strained to paint within the lines. Individually, we each took a different approach. But the collective result was the same. A chance to unwind, talk about other things, and have a few laughs.



Doing my best Nick Carmichael impression

Doing my best Nick Carmichael impression



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Jake and Amir Present: Health Week 2013

photo (2)


Photo inspiration by Kate Byers

Between the relatively healthy lunch buffet menu (which features a weekly salad bar) and the occasional dinner at the firm, CBB students try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. In the spirit of eating healthy and being active, health week 2013 came to fruition. Below are some of the healthy snacks the summer students are eating this week. Thankfully there are no birthdays to celebrate this week (note: birthday = prairie girl cupcakes)…


Evan’s 3 pound bag of almonds


Amir suggests a combination of fruit and health bars

Amir suggests a combination of fruit and health bars


Nick's salad spread

Nick’s salad spread


Nick suggests stocking up on fruits and nuts

Nick suggests stocking up on fruits and nuts


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Fashion Friday: Accessorizing the Office

Here at Cassels Brock, lawyers are well dressed. From the power suits to the costume jewlery, everyone looks great. Students, on the other hand, have to be a bit creative to get the run-way look. Until we start we making it rain, we’re going to keep running to the supplies closet.

Jess has taken her hand to jewlery design. Clearly inspired by David Yurman, Jess has made a paper clip necklace.

jess making necklace

Doesn’t she look great?

jess wearing necklace



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