Vancouver hits the links

In Vancouver, we know how to Friday.

Last Friday afternoon, in honour of Deborah Glatter (Director of Professional Development & Student Program)’s visit to the fairer coast, we took a field trip to the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt- an 18 hole golf extravaganza that lies somewhere between the realm of mini-putt and Pebble Beach.

Pitch and Putt is the chameleon of golf courses. Into driving? With a little skill, you can skip most of your short game and just put a ball on the green in one shot. Into putting? If you’re like me, you can say goodbye to hopes of watching your ball sail into the blue sky, but with some brute force, you can just putt all the way to the finish! Into shirtless golfing? They have that, too.

Full disclosure: I am a terrible golfer. Deborah made the same claim, but after watching a suspicious and sizeable improvement after only few holes I began to think that maybe we had been hustled.

Mike is a great golfer. He also has the patience of a saint.  As can be seen in the exhibit displayed below, Coach Mike spent most of the afternoon a) wearing a t-shirt that was too small for him, b) rustling around in the shrubbery looking for our misdirected golf balls, and c) coaching us on our athletic golf swing stances.

mr. brownCoach Mike, looking disparagingly into the distance as he ponders what awaits him in the shrubbery as he hunts for golf balls led astray. 

carolineI hit my ball so far in the wrong direction that it went to Jurassic Park. Note dino-sized leaves. Photo taken shortly before velociraptor chase.


LPGA ready. Look at that stance.

Pitch and Putt was a fantastic way to spend a Friday afternoon, and we capped it off with the Vancouver Office’s Friday afternoon tradition of beverages on the balcony, followed by dinner at L’Abattoir (a delicious restaraunt that is not too hipster, but hipster enough that the walls are exposed brick and they serve their pork shoulder on a bed of kale. Nom nom nom).

We just started the renovation process to take over the rest of the 22nd floor out here…you know you want to come visit!





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