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OH HELLO THERE The 2L recruitment process is, for lack of a better word… bananas. Some of you will find it incredibly overwhelming and scary – I know I did. And some of you will be as cool as a cucumber, owning those interviews like it ain’t no thang. And most of you will probably […]

Half Decathlon

At Cassels Brock we do real work but we also like to have some fun here and there. With Roey leaving at the end of this week and Jake and Kate soon to go, there were openings in different offices and to determine who was moving, a half decathlon competition between Amir and I was […]

A bring-down comfort letter to Arts Undergrads:

Dear Arts Undergrads: Right now, you are probably combing over your resume, writing your cover letter, and going on a thousand and one firm tours in an attempt to wrap your head around the beast that is the 2L recruitment process. A beast it is– and made a little more beastly if the accomplishments on your […]

Vancouver hits the links

In Vancouver, we know how to Friday. Last Friday afternoon, in honour of Deborah Glatter (Director of Professional Development & Student Program)’s visit to the fairer coast, we took a field trip to the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt- an 18 hole golf extravaganza that lies somewhere between the realm of mini-putt and Pebble Beach. […]

2013 Summer Student Night Out

     Part of me would like to start off this blog post with the following: “For our 2013 Cassels Brock summer student event Leigh-Ann green-lighted an evening at the Backyard Axe Throwing League, which involved hurling 26-inch lumberjack axes across the width of a crowded bar in hopes of lodging the weapons deep into a […]