Learning to cook with the Great Cooks on Eight!

A few weeks back the summer students and a few lawyers went out to Great Cooks on Eight in the Simpson Tower (it’s on the eighth floor, geddit?). There we were taught to cook a few gourmet dishes that we then enjoyed together. It was sort of a fancy, supervised potluck kind of affair, instructed by the amazing Great Cooks staff (who, lets be real, were equally there to make sure we didn’t kill ourselves).

“I mean yes, you could serve the crab meat tartare… But should you?

Knife Safety 101

Some of the great dishes we learned to cook included crab cakes, bruschetta, baked salmon, and red velvet cake. They all turned out fantastically, although truth be told I heard that the red velvet cake had to be recooked by the Great Cooks staff before they would let us eat it. But then that could just be a nasty rumour spread by the overly-competitive bruschetta team. People got really serious about their dishes.

Lawyers hard at work on the red velvet cake

How many law students does it take to prepare a main course? One, so long as he has five others to “supervise”

We’ve had a lot of great and unique experiences this summer, and Great Cooks on Eight was no exception! We enjoyed some great company and some nice wine, learned to cook something new, and then were treated to a fantastic meal! 10/10, would go again!

Great Cooks on Eight: Cassels Tested, Dom Approved

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