CBB does Toronto FC

by guest blogger Luke Gill

Last night the summer students and a handful of lawyers from CBB piled into cabs after work and headed to the Toronto FC game.

Clara, Sam and JD getting ready for soccer action. Or, as it’s known in Europe, “soccér”.

The heat of the previous days had settled down, and everyone was happy to be out of the office and in the sun.

Stephen and Deb wondering if I’m going to be taking candid photos of them for the entire game.

Cait and Clara rocking out in their new CBB tees.

Some of us really enjoyed the sun.

Clara beaming. Meanwhile, the guy in front of her wishes he had her winning attitude.

Whereas some of us never smile. Ever.

Sam waiting for his foot long hotdog.

Would it truly be a game of soccer without a few of these?

Len plays “one for you, two for me” with the beers. Yeah, bud, I was counting.

The game was action-packed, with a lot of solid chances throughout.

Unlike the crowd at Leafs’ games, this one actually had some life in it. Colorado’s goalie, Pickens, got an earful for the entire second half that he was in our end.

I have never seen a professional athlete get as rattled as Colorado’s goalie did after 45 minutes of being at our end of the field. I saw tears. Seriously, he cried.

While the hooligans to our right berated Pickens, who is by all accounts a below-average goalie, Deb and Chad reviewed the finer elements of the game.

“Where is the food?”

And then the food came. And it was glorious.

See that pile of napkins? Still was not enough.

I ordered something called the “Triple Threat”. It contained three things: pulled pork, beef brisket and back bacon.

It was love at first sight.

No words. Just grunts.

Anyways, I assumed that the three threats were the three aforementioned ingredients. I was so wrong. The three threats were pig, cow and flight. You see, we were sitting directly behind the net and soccer balls had the tendency to fly over the crossbar and give people concussions. At one point, JD leaned over and punched a ball out of the air that was headed straight for Steph’s face. Suffice it to say, JD is a hero.

Steph and others nearby revel in JD’s selfless, muscular ways.

When one ball came flying towards the people I was sitting with, I instinctively raised my left arm to try and be a hero like JD. Unfortunately, the ball knocked the triple threat sandwich out of my hand and send it flying into the guy sitting behind me.

“Dude! Is that blood all over your face?!”

“No, it’s pulled pork.”

After the sandwich incident, Osie became terrified of a ball hitting him and/or his sandwich.

After witnessing the flying sandwich chaos, Osie regrets his seating choice.

When a piece of dandelion fluff floated into his peripheral vision, Osie may or may not have jumped and swiped it away thinking it was a soccer ball about to kill him. Leigh-Ann came over to settle things down.

“It’s okay, I’m here. The dandelion fluff won’t hurt you anymore.”

Meanwhile, Chris, Bryan and Sam were actually watching the game.


I’m guessing that something was happening here to make Tali and Steph appear so intrigued.

I don’t even…

In the end, TFC managed to come back from a 1-0 deficit to take the match 2-1. All in all, it was a great night.


Except for the part where my sandwich died.

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