One Month Anniversary Post

It’s hard to believe that four weeks have already gone by!  It feels like only yesterday I was trying to figure out how to save documents to our server, what “due diligence” is, where to locate the supplies, how to use the coffee machine, how to do a “form check”…the list goes on! 

In all honesty, it feels like I’m learning a million new things a day but it helps that I’m surrounded by some of the best peers, mentors, and support staff a gal could ask for – the extension to call the HelpDesk is even “H-E-L-P” on the keypad, ensuring that one does not need help calling “Help”.  As Justin “Mug Shot” Dick previously discussed, our week of orientation was full of learning and having some fun.  Since then, we’ve had a chance to get settled in, take on some work, and introduce ourselves to people around the office.  We’ve even managed to find time to take a trip to see Medieval Times…but more on that later (a more elaborate discussion is forthcoming – if I’ve piqued your interest, check back soon!).    

I’ve been surprised by the amount of responsibility we’ve been given as summer students in terms of substantive work, but also with respect to managing our own time and workload.  Needless to say, it’s been a challenge learning how to actually do the work while ensuring that you’re not too under- or over-worked.  I’ve been told that it is an art 🙂 – I’ll let you know if I get any better at it!

Looking ahead, we have some fun activities planned as a group – volunteering at the Daily Food Bank, taking a cooking class, and attending a Blue Jays game.  Our summer class will also be planning and participating in a fundraiser for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – I plan on blogging about this in greater length once we have all the details ironed out.   

Four weeks totally flew by in the blink of an eye.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds in store for us (although I question whether anything can possibly top Medieval Times)… 

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