Due diligence has its rewards afterall…

If the words “due diligence” stopped you from reading further, I hope at least the photo caught your attention. 

Eleven minute book reviews later (from nine different entities with names that all sound the same), Jared wins the due diligence jackpot by finding this gem of a page in one of the books.  Check out that Post-it note… let’s just say the Post-its flagging litigation and safety issues didn’t have any smiley faces on them.  I was the unfortunate due diligence loser this time around as I had bought 7 lotto tickets (read: reviewed 7 minute books) without seeing anything more than photocopied $5 bills.  Last time I checked, South of Temperance wasn’t accepting photocopied money so I’m hoping Jared decides to split his winnings with me!

Lesson of the day: due diligence does have rewards afterall!  If you haven’t found money in a minute book yet, you must not be reviewing the right books…that or you must not have reviewed enough books.  To my fellow summer students reading this blog, feel free to drop by my office on the 22nd floor at your leisure to pick up some minute books, PPSA searches, or anything else you’d be interested in reviewing.  After this gem of a find, you never know what’s squeezed in between a director’s resolution and constating documents.


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2 Responses to Due diligence has its rewards afterall…

  1. Jaime Lannister

    Did you get to keep the cash?

  2. casselsbrockandblogwell

    Good question Jaime Lannister. Unfortunately no…we thought the issuer might be upset that their minute books were missing their best part when we eventually sent them back. On the other hand, there was no label on the page…who's to assume that the money was for shares? Maybe the issuer DID leave it as a prize for the future due diligence reviewer??