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So long, farewell…

I am sad to report that this will be our final blog post for the summer!  I think I speak on behalf of all of the bloggers and guest bloggers when I say that we had an amazing summer at CBB. …That being said, we’re definitely looking forward to enjoying what’s left of summer and, for […]

Guest Post: Len’s Pre Trial Extravaganza

Early on in the summer Len and I were given the opportunity to attend a pre-trial for a litigation file we were working on. Unfortunately I was too busy and only Len got to go, so I made him promise to write a guest post for the blog describing his experience. So without further ado, […]

Transition Report

Posted by Jeremy Bornstein   The first day the articling students return to work is a glorious day in the life of a summer student. It reminds me of the last day of exams. The grass is greener, the air is fresher and the sun is hotter. This year’s articling class, however, seems more eager […]

Law Firm Recruitment, Part Deux

Dear Potential Applicants, Since Leigh-Ann suggested speaking to upper year students in Justin’s helpful interview below, I thought I would solicit some advice from our very own summer students!  Here we go! Brittany: “Know your resume cold. Have an anecdote for each experience. Many interviewers will pick the most obscure thing on your resume and run […]

Learning to cook with the Great Cooks on Eight!

A few weeks back the summer students and a few lawyers went out to Great Cooks on Eight in the Simpson Tower (it’s on the eighth floor, geddit?). There we were taught to cook a few gourmet dishes that we then enjoyed together. It was sort of a fancy, supervised potluck kind of affair, instructed by […]