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Tuez with Voudz–Episode 8


Hi friends!

I would like to paint a little picture of what my office looks like right now. There are not one, but  two large coffee cups on my right, a container of toblerone shortbread cookies on my left, and in the center, a head of hair that has expanded horizontally as a result of the heat-wave. Not only does it have its own gravitational pull but I also have the strangest urge to sing R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  In addition, my left eye is twitching. Now whether this is because of the insane amounts of coffee or because it’s Tuesday Appreciation Day and I am SO EXCITED, one can only speculate.

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Clueless about Casey Anthony

I’ve heard it from medical students, as soon as they step out of school on their first day in their first year people flock to them immediately with medical woes seeking experienced doctoral advice.

Who knew law students experience the same kind of completely un-deserving respect and fame?

Since airing of the Casey Antony trial and the controversial ruling, I have been inundated with questions about the trial. Some samples:

  • How in heavens name could they let a child killer go free?
  • What does it mean she wants to now plead the fifth amendment in the civil dispute?
  • How can you  possibly go out partying for 31 days without reporting your child missing, surely that is evidence of guilt?

When I hear these questions my secret/honest response is “I don’t know I didn’t even follow the trial, where exactly did you find the time to watch live footage for 3 weeks straight?!?”

However, my vanity trumps and I proceed to authoritatively answer something along the lines of

“a failure to meet the burden of proof… high burden of proof in criminal cases where liberty is as stake … jury trials are very rarely used today … a jury is given very specific instructions on how to interpret evidence … only circumstantial evidence” .

Hardly the kind of articulate response you would expect from a budding legal mind.

So here is the truth: law students don’t really know anything about cool criminal trials. Sure, I can draft a mean lease summary and Westlaw and Quicklaw melt under my fingertips but as for jury trials, United States criminal law and a lack of direct forensic evidence we are clueless!  


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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last night the gang headed out to take in a Jays game. It was a spirited contest, with the Jays winning 16-7. Even baseball insider Chris Selby (also a summer student when he’s not being a baseball insider) was impressed. Check out the photos below for a glimpse into our evening. Enjoy!

Warm-up: Enjoying a "sporty" dinner in the boardroom.

Taking in the match. Go Jays!

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The Heart of Darkness

A sentence no student (or anyone) wants to read in a textbook while researching a discrete area of law:

“the whole area of [research to which I have been assigned] is a veritable quagmire in which the unwary should tread at their peril”

These are the quintessential learning moments that keep us on our toes (and scare us to death) as summer law students. Stay tuned!

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Carla @Cassels: Why Cassels?


I realized today I only have two and a half weeks of work left, and that thought has made me a bit nostalgic. I remember a year ago when I was frantically researching firm websites to try to discern which firm had what rotation, and how the student programs actually worked in fear that I would choose the wrong firm to work at. Given that I am feeling a bit nostalgic and totally loving Cassels, I am going to give you an inside view of why I am at Cassels.

Up to In-Firms- I had no idea. I sort of hap-hazardly applied to a handful of firms that did tax law and crossed my fingers *NOT A RECOMMENDED APPROACH*.

On In-Firm day Cassels happened to be one of my last interviews of the day. I was pretty discouraged when I stepped in the door as I had met articling students at other firms that couldn’t tell me why they liked their jobs, was shown art collections in fancy boardrooms that left me wondering what the magnificent pieces had to do with my job prospects at all, and finally was ultimately just tired.

When I stepped into Cassels I was alone in a boardroom with about six articling students and… we actually talked. Not about the application process, interviews or about how fantastic the firm is, but they talked to me in a way that made me comfortable and gave me a glimpse at how awesome the people at Cassels were.

When I got into my interview, the first thing the interviewer did was pull up a picture of Tom Brady and of Justin Bieber and ask me who had the better haircuit (as a Patriots fan, the answer was obvious). I felt at ease with not only the articling students, but also the “scary (but not so scary at all)” partners who were interviewing me.

Then as Oprah would say the biggest AHA! *lightbulb* moment came to me. The interviewer told me to look out to Bay Street, and said in every office building, at every full service firm, everyone does the same work so don’t make a decision based on the type of work that you want to do, but find the firm that you feel like you fit in with the people because that is what is going to make the job.

So what kind of people do you want to have lunch with? Confide in about your biggest office successes and screw-ups? Grab a Starbucks with on a break? Go out for a drink with after work?

For me, Cassels was DEFINITELY the right choice.

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