Summer Students at Leisure

As the summer winds down, the buzz amongst the summer students is where everyone will spend their hard earned, precious weeks of idleness before school starts. Below is a list of everyone’s current plans:

Jess: Going to California: vineyards, surfing, and spending that hard earned cash. Through shopping, hopes to single-handedly solve California’s debt crisis.

Steve: Going to vegas, to roll the blackjack tables. Table name: Rooster DeVille.

Pat: Will act as a modern Henry David Thoreau, camping by himself in the Californian wilderness. He also hopes to find a taco truck.

Victoria: A stay-cation in Ajax, Ontario. Or in her own words, she’s going to “relax in the ‘Jax”.

Chris: Going back to the land in Newcastle, Ontario. Powering up for the next year of school. 

Carly: Heading to Barcelona for Spanish classes before her exchange semester starts.

Joel: At the moment, has grand plans to visit a friend in Sierra Leone for a couple weeks. Barring that: Lindsay, Ontario.

Carla: Currently in Thunder Bay getting her Chartered Accountant designation, adding yet more letters to her name.

Anita: Indulging in a foodie’s retreat to Chicago. Plans to observe the CBB tradition of Hot Dog Fridays at Wrigley Field.

Ardy: Already in Signapore for exchange – may choose never to return.

Jared: Working until the Friday before school starts. In the intervening weekend, he hopes to catch up on a summer’s worth of Jersey Shore.  

Azim: To Amsterdam, for an exchange semester.

Alec: Diving the deeps in Belize with law school friends.

Caitlin: Observing her FWOs (family wedding obligations) in King City. 

Monique: Going to Johannesburg, South Africa to eat some chow bunnies.

Laura: Touring Ireland with friends.

Stephanie: A family vacation in Miami, to observe the holy trinity of relaxing: tanning, beaches, Pina Coladas.

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