Tuez with Voudz–Episode 9

Hi Friends!

It’s Tuesday, and guess what that means – Tuesday Appreciation Day. Now let me tell you a story about the plant in the corner of my office…wait! Got you, didn’t I? It’s actually an imposter. I’m sorry to disappoint the no doubt hundreds, if not thousands of loyal Tues with Voudz fans, but it’s Ardy and I get to be a guest blogger on this now famous blog spot. Don’t be disappointed, Voudz will be back next week, with zanier stories, curlier hair and of course, more excellent insight into student life at Cassels Brock.

This is sadly my last week at the firm- Carla’s as well (who knows, maybe the Voudz brand will expand to another day?). I’m doing an exchange program in Singapore and I leave August 2nd. I think all the summer students are in agreement as to just how fast the summer passed. I still remember the anticipation I felt the morning of the first day getting into the elevator, walking through the 21st floor lobby, opening the doors of the Cassels Board room and meeting the other 18 summer students I was to spend the rest of the summer with. Now I’m on the tail end, feeling like a veteran as I take the same elevators and walk across the 21st lobby with not just other summer students, but friends.

The entire summer has been a whirlwind of work, laughs, drinks, alarms and coffee. I don’t want to get into great detail about the files I worked on; suffice it to say I never felt work to be a linear, sequential series of events. You know the saying that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line? Well, straight lines are also the shortest path to boredom. It was a great feeling to come to work and know that there was always going to be something interesting popping up (even if I was working on a long term file, which I was). Whether it was phone calls from a client (no, we’re not shielded from them), meetings with partners (yes, they’ll hear you out)  or ridiculously hilarious email chains with the summer students (hope they aren’t monitored), there was something fresh about each day. I think that is a testament to the Cassels culture. I’m sure tons of places go to great lengths to say how relaxed and non- hierarchical the firm culture is – but that came through here from the work we did and the events we had, as other bloggers have written about. One event that just finished up this evening, which I’m still feeling in my thighs as I sit at my desk right now, was a stationary cycling race organized by the Summer Students with the Inside Ride organization. As this is supposed to be my farewell blog, I’ll leave it to someone else to go into detail (with pictures!) about how fun it was and how much money we raised – but it really was another great event at Cassels Brock.

So with only 3 days left as a summer student, I’d like to quote a proverb I heard by a famous baseball insider (see Alec’s post) and Cassels Brock Summer Student, “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later…as long as you take those Malaria pills.” Though I will not be taking Malaria pills, I still have a strong feeling this isn’t goodbye. I mean, I wouldn’t want the rest of the Summer Student’s to miss out on my Singapore adventures while they’re in Toronto..


 *Note from the Voudrinator: Hi friends! I promise it really is me this time although Ardy was extremely convincing…he even wore a curly haired wig to get into character. I know I turned your world upside down by (1) posting this on Wednesday and (2) letting Ardy guest blog, so I feel compelled to offer an explanation (…well really I’m just controlling and want to write on my own blog every single week. Ardy should just be thankful I didn’t ask him to pay royalties to blog under my brand…I mean, name). So, since we are all such visual people, I have decided to explain what I looked like last evening, impatiently awaiting the masterpiece that would be Ardy’s farewell address to THE WORLD. To summarize some key aspects of my outfit, please note the following: blue spandex leggings, pink sunglasses, and black leg warmers. No, friends, I was not having a nervous breakdown nor was I channelling Corey Hart (although I do enjoy wearing my sunglasses at night). I was instead showcasing my TEAM SPIRIT for the Inside Ride event. What is the point of this description? I don’t have one. Ha! JUST KIDDING. The point is that in an even truer display of Team Spirit, Ardy donned some short shorts and knee high socks, putting the pedal to the metal (get it?!…because we were on stationary bikes) to win the award for top male fundraiser (oh, you want to know who won top female fundraiser? Well I don’t want to steal his thunder…ok fine, ME. I’m sorry, you’re right..there is no “I” in team…although there is “Me”, which starts with an “M” and Ardy’s last name starts with an “M” so really this is all about HIM [see note 1]). In true superhuman fashion, he then found time to go back to work to finish off some assignments before his week here is over, and let the creative genius flow to produce this blog post…and friends, when someone with Ardy’s articulate eloquence  is gearing up to write a blog post, you do not pester him with emails asking when it will be ready or incessantly remind him that you blog every TuesDAY and not every TuesNIGHT. No friends, you sit back and let the creativity work its magic.

 So there you have it folks, a double whammy blog post for Ardy’s last week at Cassels. Remember, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later…until next time!

 Note 1: although I will leave it to a fellow blogger to post more details about the event and include awesome pictures, I do want to say that we raised over $10 000 through this event and could not have done it without all your support and generosity! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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