Carla @Cassels: So Long Summer

For those of you that feel that Ardy’s tear-jerking last day blog wasn’t enough, you are in luck, because after a fantastic two and a half months I am ending my summer at Cassels on Friday in favour of a not-quite-as-glamourous exchange to Northwestern Ontario.

So this is it- my last blog! It is really hard to believe the summer went by this fast, which sounds cliché, but is the truth! One thing that Leigh-Ann does with us every once in a while is a Tips and Tricks session where the students gather to teach each other the coolest trick that we learnt on the job. So as my FINAL BLOG as a Cassels Brock blogger, I am going to share with you the tips and tricks and insider info that I wish I knew a year ago, a month ago, and realistically a week ago.

  1. You don’t know what kind of work you want to do. So try it all!!!! I came into my summer knowing what work and what rotations I want to do, and trying things I didn’t care for only affirmed where my interests lie. I even came out of a litigation memo unscathed!!
  2.  Lunch will become supper, supper will become lunch. You will not be able to resist the buffet and will eat a full roast beef dinner at noon. Embrace it.
  3. Time will become valuable. Whether it is the effect of normal working hours, or docketing your life in every 6 minutes you suddenly realize how valuable your time feels. I remember in January when my 12 hour a week school schedule was the most daunting thing I had ever encountered and now I can’t wait to enjoy all the “free-time” school has to offer (annnnd maybe a semester in Barbados also!).
  4. Prairie Girl Cupcakes. Not really a tip or trick, but how I lived without them before, I do not know.
  5. You will meet amazing people, make friendships, work with fantastic lawyers and do awesome work you never thought you could do… and it is only the summer!!!!!

Thanks for a great summer of blogging and thank you to 17 other wonderful summer students who made this experience a blast! To all you first years out there, you have four great people joining you in the CBB Summer Class of 2012!

Much Love!

 PS- Stay tuned for a guest blog from Joel next Wednesday!


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