Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last night the gang headed out to take in a Jays game. It was a spirited contest, with the Jays winning 16-7. Even baseball insider Chris Selby (also a summer student when he’s not being a baseball insider) was impressed. Check out the photos below for a glimpse into our evening. Enjoy!

Warm-up: Enjoying a "sporty" dinner in the boardroom.

Taking in the match. Go Jays!


A Yankees fan cringes as the Jays score ANOTHER run. Take that, "Shefer"!

Tall boy, foam hand, bucket-o-wings. This associate (who refused to be pictured) claimed this was "the only way to truly enjoy a Jays game".

This picture and below: the photogenic, friendly folks of CBB.


Your blogger with "Superfan" Angela Chu.

What is this, a Crest White Strips ad? Enough already! Also: prize for best comment as to what JB is laughing at.


Ahh, the memories. Beautifully scrapbooked, CBB style - at the front of a 38-tab closing book.


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