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In our short time here, many of us have found information technology (known to industry insiders as “IT”) difficult to master. This makes sense; it presents a steep learning curve. First, there are the acronyms – DPC, DMS, ACL; then, there are the buzzwords – Blacklining, WorkSite, Honeypot. It’s enough to induce a sense of Zoolander-esque bewilderment (“the files are inside the computer???”). To give our readers an inside look, here’s a summer-student list of the ups and downs of tech at CBB:

2 Screens: Each summer student has two full-size monitors for their computers. This makes scrolling through thousands of pages of PDFs actually manageable. The downside is that you might actually use them to scroll through thousands of pages of PDFs.

Blackberry: I’m usually not ostentatious about my technology, but let’s just say I normally use an iPhone (4). Having an iPhone (4), I have high standards in electronics. Each summer student gets a Blackberry, and despite my high standards I have been impressed by this device. It’s incredibly useful for keeping dates and emails organized. Plus, if you already have an iPhone (4 or otherwise) at the start of the summer, you get to be that guy playing Angry Birds and BrickBreaker as you ride the subway. Awesome!

4357: Dial these numbers on your landline to reach the IT help desk. This is your lifeline as a summer student, and helps you avoid asking excruciatingly basic IT questions to fellow lawyers. The IT help desk is incredibly useful; the incomparable Andy has been particularly helpful to me in the past few days.

Voicemail: For a portion of last week, my voicemail and phone extension remained those of the lawyer who last occupied my office. This could have been the onset of a major identity crisis (I almost titled my blog “Being Dahlia Tessler”) but IT quickly cleared things up for me.

While information technology can sometimes be challenging, there is always someone willing to help. With all the help to clear up our IT troubles, summer students can really focus on the important stuff, like despairing over that overdue memo.

Happy weekend!

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