Make no mistake: working at CBB is no cakewalk. We have tight deadlines, intensive assignments, and enriching legal experiences. But every now and then, we have an opportunity to get out of the office and participate in interesting and fun events.

Last week all of the summer students, plus several lawyers from the student committee, piled into a van and headed West. Our destination? The vineyards of the Niagara region. We toured some wineries, had ample tastings, and enjoyed a delicious meal in the evening. It was a pleasure to spend some time out of the office as a group. My personal highlight was when a member of the student committee dropped this gem of a pun on an unsuspecting summer student.

Summer Student: Tell me, do you like Reisling?

Lawyer: I don’t know, I’ve never Reisled.

This week, we attended a lunch where Olympic gold medalist Heather Moyse spoke to us about the charitable organization she is involved with. She gave a passionate speech about the power of sport. We were also privileged to handle her gold medal.   

Yesterday, some of us accompanied CBB lawyers to the Advocates’ Society End of Term Dinner. A black tie event, summer students had the chance to mingle with top-notch litigators from across Ontario.

Outside of doing actual legal work, there is always something interesting going on at CBB. The student coordinators, as well as the lawyers themselves, do a great job of including summer students in engaging events. As the summer progresses, we can only look forward to more exciting things to come. Stay tuned!

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