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Tuez with Voudz –Grand Finale!

Hi friends!! It is with a very heavy heart that I welcome you to this final edition of Tuez with Voudz. I know, I know, it’s hard to hold back the tears but, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so if anyone asks you why you’re weeping you can look at […]

The End Is the Beginning Is the End

August is a time of change at a law firm. Summer students are finishing thier work and heading back to school while articling students are just beginning their sojourn towards being called to the bar. There are goodbyes and wringing of hands over the school year ahead. Some dread returning to law school and wish they […]

Summer Students at Leisure

As the summer winds down, the buzz amongst the summer students is where everyone will spend their hard earned, precious weeks of idleness before school starts. Below is a list of everyone’s current plans: Jess: Going to California: vineyards, surfing, and spending that hard earned cash. Through shopping, hopes to single-handedly solve California’s debt crisis. […]

Tuez with Voudz–Episode 10

Hi friends!!! It’s time for VOUDDDZZZZSTTEERRIIIAAAAA!!!!! Why, you ask? Well, there are three reasons: Because I said so Because today marks the second last Tuez with Voudz: a moment of silence. JUST KIDDING, I don’t even know what silence means. Because today is our tenth episode! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US! (Oh champagne, how lovely, 19th […]

OCI Applications: Tips and Tricks

I’ve avoided it for some time: writing a post that offers advice on the OCI application process for incoming second-year students. That topic seems to be the dominant theme of our blog (and, if you look at our stats, the dominant draw for readership), so in the interest of relevance I thought I would offer […]