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“Back to school… back to school…”

By Chris H. Points if you recognize the above movie quote correctly. Well, internet readers, here we are at the end of summer 2010. Leaves are turning, they finally managed to get rid of the last of the summer students still hanging around until the “bitter end”. I put quotes around it because I have […]

Mental Edges for OCIs

by: Josh C. For my last entry here on the blog, I’d also like to discuss OCIs briefly. If you’re reading this, you will have seen that Chris and Tali have provided invaluable advice for resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc. These topics have been covered so thoroughly, I don’t think I can contribute anything else […]

Summer Studenting Corporate Lawing

by: Josh C. Since Jeremy put up a blog about what he did as a summer student working primarily in litigation, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about what I did this summer since I worked mostly in corporate and securities. If legal research is the foundation of litigation then due […]

The Nuts & Bolts of Recruitment

Happy Thursday! I am aware that it is Tuesdays with Tali on Thursday (confusing) but it is my last day of the summer tomorrow and I had to get at least one more Tuesdays in! So, recruitment is around the corner. I am sure some of you are nervous, some more confident than others, and […]

What I Did This Summer

Due to circumstances beyond my control (namely, the coming into existence of a really awesome tobogganning hill with a sharp rock at the bottom of it), I was never able to give my kindergarten presentation on “What I Did Last Summer”. But now that the incomparable Mr. Horkins has dropped a dime on the secrets […]