The Balance

By: Joanna L.

‘Work-life balance’ is a term that I first heard at an OCI prep session at my law school last September, and it has been continually emphasized this summer by my friends, family , and co-workers. After participating in the 18th annual Maccabiah Games, sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and World Federation of Sports, I have begun to truly value and realize how important the ‘work-life balance’ really is.

At the Maccabiah Games, which are held every four years in Israel, I played on the Canadian National Women’s Basketball Team and earned a bronze medal. Over 5000 athletes from over 60 countries around the world participated in the games. During the trip, I spent time meeting players from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Great Britain, Israel, Australia, and the United States. Witnessing the mass assembly of Jewish athletes at the opening ceremonies in Ramat Gan evoked in me a great sense of pride. Throughout the trip, I felt grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting experience, and as well for the encouragement I had received on the home-front.

From the outset, Cassels had been incredibly supportive of my partaking in this sporting event. Though it was certainly a challenge to attend training camps, work on a massive due diligence project, participate in student events, and stay awake throughout, the support from my fellow summer-students, as well as from other lawyers, proved to me that the firm truly values their employees. I felt that it was this support that enabled me to work and play hard – I was able to enjoy my time away and return to work re-energized after the two weeks.

I trust that most firms, be it law or in any other profession, endorse the ‘work-life balance.’ I would urge incoming summer-students to actively pursue their hobbies, passions and extra-curricular activities, and to find a workplace which endorses such out-of-office endeavours. I look forward to the opportunity of being a part of the Maccabiah Games in four years and hope to maintain the balance I have pursued until now.

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