Eva’s Initiatives Open House Day of Fun!

By Adrian W.

This past week Eva’s Initiatives hosted an open house to celebrate its 15th anniversary and we were luckily invited to help them celebrate this milestone. We got to take a break from due diligence and memo writing to get in touch with our craftier sides. We spent the morning helping decorate the shelter with ribbons and our masterfully created centerpieces made from balloons and shells. While helping to prepare the snacks for the guests we debated what the perfect combination of fruits is for the kabobs. And that was the work portion of our day!

We then had the afternoon to spend time with the kids that live at Eva’s Initiatives. We all participated in an Arts & Craft hour where Sandra, Jennifer and JDP made some beautiful bracelets and anklets for themselves. I was able to make my dream T-Shirt (with the help of colour co-coordinating Colin) that consisted of a giant letter A and some hearts. This was followed by some 4-4 basketball. I am not the most sporty person but I had so much fun, even if the most running I did while playing was trying to get out of the way of one of the amazing basketball players that I was playing against!

Another special part of the day was the Cassels Brock cheque presentation to Eva’s Initiatives. We have previously blogged about the Ice Cream Wednesdae-s fundraiser that we organized at the firm and at the open house we were able to present Eva’s Initiatives with a cheque for $2,000, which is the money we raised from that fundraiser. After volunteering at various events throughout the summer and spending time at the shelter and meeting the amazing kids that rely on and benefit from their services, we are happy to be able to help this organization continue its mission.

Below are some of the highlights from our day.

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