Tell Me Why…by Sarah J.

At Queen’s I’m dedicated to student recruitment and I try to take advantage of any opportunity to meet potential new law students and tell them about my experiences. After a busy, educational, and truly entertaining summer, it seems only fair to do the same thing for my employer. And so I give you: The Top 10 Reasons to Apply to Cassels Brock:

10. My love of recruiting doesn’t have to stop just because school has! As potential future summer students visit the firm, the current students take turns giving them tours, introducing them to lawyers, and answering questions about what it is we do all day.

9. You will be exposed to real files and have direct contact with real clients. Lawyers are eager to take you to court and want you to attend mediations, discoveries, and motions. They want you to see how a closing works and to sit in on conference calls – all you have to do is ask.

8. The firm will feed you every day! We feast on a lunch buffet starting at noon which saves students and lawyers some serious time, energy, and money.

7. If you’re worried you don’t know anything practical coming out of law school, you’ll soon be equipped with the tools you need to thrive at work. We started with an intense one week training session which consisted of legal research training, computer orientation, and seminars on due diligence, business basics, and motion writing. Our bi-weekly “Tips and Tricks” sessions throughout the summer have allowed us to share the helpful hints we’ve learned with each other. We’ve also had a series of tax seminars focused on how tax law relates to a business law practice, as well as writing, negotiation, and business development seminars.

6. You might get to write a blog documenting your summer!

5. The firm gives feedback! The two performance evaluations are a great way to see your areas of strength and allow you to make improvements throughout the summer.

4. The student committee and student mentors are dedicated to ensuring your summer is a success and organize numerous events outside of the office. This summer our social events consisted of Jet Boating and Wine Tasting in Niagara, Gambling at Woodbine Racetrack, Golfing at Diamond Back Golf Club, and several lunches and dinners at trendy restaurants in Toronto.

3. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in charity work. Whether it’s manoeuvring wheelchairs, spinning on a stationary bike, or running through the downtown core, summer students are encouraged to participate in charity events and are strongly supported by the firm!

2. You will develop lasting friendships with a group of fantastic students. You will choose to go for drinks together after work, and will make plans to see each other on the weekends. By the second week of May you will have 17 new facebook friends!

1. If your birthday falls in a summer month, we will celebrate it! Not only will the group of summer students and our Student Program co-ordinators gather together to sing “Happy Birthday”, but you will get a cake and it will be delicious.

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