August Rush…by Sarah J.

You can feel it in the air – the beginning of the end for Cassels Brock summer students! Some of us have only four days left, while others are here for another four weeks. For many of us the end of work means traveling, sunbathing, and sleeping…but first you have to make it out of the office!

I’m not sure why I expected the last few weeks to slow down, but I shouldn’t have. The firm, and its students, has been busier than ever![1] It seems we’ve all had our share of late nights, early mornings, and numerous cups of coffee. Work assignments have been scooped up more slowly than usual and we’ve resorted to debating about who is the least busy (sadly this is not a lie)!

After a summer of great work, everyone wants to leave on a high note. That means memos have to get written, summer projects have to get finished, and corporate loose ends have to be tied up. No one is quite sure where all the time went, but it seems we’re all scrambling a bit to get it back.

I would say things will quiet down for us next week once the articling students arrive – but around here, you just never know!

[1] Ever pertaining to the 3 months I’ve actually worked here.

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