A Night at the Races…by Chris S. (Guest Blawgger)

Last week for our final firm-funded social event the Cassels Brock summer student team headed to Woodbine Racetrack for an evening of good food and gambling. We had been given the opportunity to plan our own event and although there were several appealing options open to us, a night out watching the sport of kings was too appealing to pass up.

After arriving in beautiful Rexdale we were treated to a tour of the facility. One of the highlights of the tour was a height and weight measurement station which allowed visitors to determine whether they met the requirements for being a jockey. There was a heartbreaking moment however, when one aspiring jockey learned that although he met the height requirements, the free Cassels lunches had made him too heavy to participate in competitive horse racing. The final stop on our tour was the paddocks and as we watched the horses being warmed up before the first race, some of us tried to determine which ones looked like winners. Unfortunately this strategy proved to be ineffective, as we learned that you can’t tell which horse is the fastest by watching them trot around before the race.

At dinner we enjoyed a delicious buffet meal at Favourites restaurant, where we were fortunate enough to be seated right by the windows overlooking the track. This provided an excellent view of the action and allowed me to see each horse that I bet on come in dead last every race. Seriously, my luck could not have been any worse. In the fifth race I swear the horse I bet on stopped halfway around the track so that its jockey could have a smoke break. On a lighter note, Cassels Brock sponsored one of the races and I was among the lucky few chosen to go down to the winner’s circle to present a crystal vase to the owner of the winning horse.

Although some of us left Woodbine with lighter pockets than others, a good time was had by all. A special thanks goes out to Lori for planning an exciting night and to Cassels for footing the bill.

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