What’s a gym?….. Oh a gym!! by Ryan G. (Guest Blawgger)

I consider myself to be fairly active. I enjoy going to the gym and playing sports. However, I have this lingering fear in the back of my mind. The fear: how will I maintain my Schwartzenegger deltoids, Van Damme esque calves and Segal killer squint with all the time I spend at the office?

Thus, I write this blog for the athletically inclined, for those among us that don’t view weight training as lifting a few CEDs at a time (although after 70 Reps of easements you start to feel a good burn) and for those that want a little more cardio training than speed walking to a lawyer’s office to get work. So, I hope to share some insight into the options available for current and future summer students looking to stay fit.

As a Cassels Brock summer student, you are given a gym membership card. I can remember back to orientation week when we summer students were given the grand tour of the local gym. My colleagues’ hopeful remarks still linger in my mind:

– “I’m going to lift every day and after that grab a booster juice ” (FYI: Ripped Berry has narrowly edged out Tropical Thunder as the summer student go to drink)

– “We will do yoga and pilates and spinning, and core training and kickboxing!”

No. You will not. In reality, it is difficult as a summer student to stay fit. The reason. You have no time. Indeed, a regular workout schedule, is very difficult to maintain. It takes dedication and commitment. Now, this is not to say that it is an impossible feat, it just takes a well thought out approach.

Take, for example, my officemate Sarah, I believe you have heard from her, she is quite committed to her regimen. She participates in something called “body pump” at the local gym, and apparently it is good for you. Now, where Sarah and I differ is that my brain and body don’t turn on until approximately 11 AM. You see, Sarah is a morning workout person, I am not. In many instances, however, squeezing a workout in before you arrive at work can be the only way you get to workout. Thus, recommendation one for staying fit as a summer student is: get up early (if you can) and go to body pump.

There are also those among us that workout during the day. I personally am not one of them, but you see them, periodically sneaking out of the office hoping that no one sees them carrying their gym bag- oh I see you. The pitfall with this approach lies with the ongoing fear that the lawyer you are working for will notice that you are gone. On the other hand, If you can get away with this risky manoeuvre the payoff can be great –you’ve squeezed the precious workout in at the perfect time, not too early and not too late. Again though, take caution with this approach. You may crash and burn if you are needed on closing but are doing squats instead. Thus, recommendation number two for staying fit: leave the office, but do so at your own peril.

Now, here is my approach. Simply put, I workout at night. The problem with my approach is that I never end work at the same time. So, on those days where I arrive home at a reasonable time, I can maybe squeeze in a workout. However, where I arrive home slightly later, forget about it, I am too exhausted. What has this taught me? Essentially, being a law student and a lawyer is about balance. Finding time for the things you want to do in life is crucial, but can be difficult. Bottom line; you can stay fit, just don’t expect to join the cast of 300 anytime soon.

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