The Assignment to End all Assignments – Eric

Hello. I wasn’t planning on writing today, but it’s Friday Afternoon in the Universe and something has crossed my mind.

Summer student culture seems to have its own mythology; we have all heard stories about students getting (too) drunk at social events, accidentally ‘reply all-ing’ embarassing emails, and even insulting the managing partner’s partner directly to his or her face. I haven’t witnessed any of these myself. Maybe they are rare occurances – sensationalized and exaggerated tales achieving legendary status on and

Even the most ordinary summer experiences are discussed at length by students. (Are the hours as long as they say? Do firms really have beds? If I work for the government, can I be on the patio by 5:10?)

You may have heard the one about the work assignment to end all work assignments. You know, where a lawyer gives you work and instructs you not to take on anything else until its completed?

Today, I confirm the existence of the assignment to end all assignments.
Want to hear about it? I want to tell you about it.
Unfortnately for us both, its 12:17 on hot dog Friday.

Have a great weeked.


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  1. Anonymous

    question: If I work for the government, can I be on the patio by 5:10?answer: sometimes, by 2:45.except for me. coincidentally, i also just got that Assignment with a capital Ass. and yet, i am here reading this blog…G.

  2. I work for the feds. If I'm not struggling to find work by one o'clock … I probably didn't get there until noon.