Golf Event by Laura S.

Yesterday was the student golf day event (yes, we have had a lot of “extracurricular” events this summer). The rain held out, we missed half a day of work, and we all had a blast!

The event began in the early afternoon, when the summer students and many of our mentors abandoned the air-conditioned offices of Scotia Plaza and set out for Diamond Back Golf Course. When we arrived, we were treated to a lesson from one of the pros at the club. This was great for me since I, as well as several of the other students, had never even held a golf club before. While the experienced golfers used their lesson to work on their technique, I learned how to make a “V” shape when gripping the club.

After that, we split up into teams of four, hopped into the golf carts, and hit the course. My team consisted of myself, David G., Mow C., and Deborah Glatter, the director of our student program/unofficial firm mother. Poor Mow was the only experienced golfer, and we all owe him a “big thank you” for (a) showing us the ropes and (b) not killing us. Mow was always the perfect gentleman and never once lost his cool while his teammates botched every aspect of the game by speaking during his backswing, lying about our scores, walking in the path of the ball, and missing our turns due to distraction by the snack cart (I must admit that this was my favourite part of the game).

Once golf was over and everyone was sufficiently starving, we headed back to the clubhouse to enjoy an abundance of bbq and booze. We also had an awards ceremony. The winning team consisted of Tracy L., Craig P., Tilly G., and our resident golf pro, JTK. Eric M. was also acknowledged as the “Most Improved Golfer.” Deborah and I are still confused as to how we did not win and are hoping to solve this mystery at the next golf event.

We would all like to thank Erin Finlay and her husband, Craig Cupido, for making the day possible.

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