A Time for Reflection – by Mordy (Guest Blawgger)

When I first came to Cassels, I was wide-eyed, apprehensive and unsure of what the real practice of law entailed. I knew the information I was taught in law school but beyond that, not a great deal more.

Now that I am nearing the end, I am beginning to reflect on my summer experience. I asked myself whether my knowledge in the legal profession improved and if so, to what degree?

I guess my answer became clear when another summer student and I were having a quick conversation about the assignments we were working on. The conversation went something like this:

Mordy: Hey Rick, what are you working on?

Rick: Right now, I’m altering and editing the secured debenture, consulting agreements and stock option plans for a closing scheduled at the end of the week. I have to provide the partner a copy of all the blacklines.
What are you working on?

Mordy: I am garnishing a bank account and conducting research in order to find out if our client’s PMSI can maintain super priority even though he did not follow the registering requirements under the PPSA.

While I didn’t appreciate the moment at the time, when I began to reflect on my summer, that small, insignificant conversation quickly came to my mind. Did I really just say that? Did I really understand Rick?

The truth is, I feel that I have learned more this past summer than in my first two years at law school combined. I realize that I have only hit the tip of the iceberg but at least I have hit that iceberg and have made a small dent.


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4 Responses to A Time for Reflection – by Mordy (Guest Blawgger)

  1. Don't let go, Mordy. Never let go!

  2. Anonymous

    "The truth is" – avoid colloquialisms when writing blogs.

  3. Paul Pierce

    I am the truth.