You Are Not Alone…by Sarah J. and J.B. P. (Guest Blawgger)

A hockey coach will lecture players on the importance of teamwork. A music teacher will instruct students to play in synchrony. A judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” will shriek about finding chemistry. A law firm is no different.

The question is, can you count on a firm to hire a group of summer students who will work seamlessly together?

Our performance as a team is in many ways as important as our performances as individuals. Assignments are often assigned collectively by email and response times reflect the entire group. As such, we have no choice but to cooperate.

After 6 weeks of challenging work and stressful moments, writing a blawg about the “interesting” habits of our fellow students is easy. It also indicates that along with becoming professional colleagues, we have created close friendships with each other. Here are the 18 ingredients that make our group work. Here is our chemistry[1]:

1 cup of Chris: Who is never around for lunch.
Favourite album: For the Cool in You

3 tablespoons of David: Who is very passionate about his soups, desserts, and stuffed pancakes.
Favourite sport: Women’s Doubles Tennis

½ pint of Eric: He was once in a band, he was once in the business…now he writes blawg posts.
Favourite tool: The lock

1 dollop of J.B.: Not only is he smart, funny, and handsome, but he is humble too.
Favourite movie: Get Shorty

2 teaspoons of Jen: Who has stolen the hearts of all of us (and a certain Russian hockey player).
Favourite celebrity: Lauren Conrad

A drizzle of Jessica: Who?
Favourite city: New Jersey

5 ounces of Jon: Someone should let him know he cannot go golfing during the work day.
Favourite action hero: Casey Jones

¼ pound of Laura: Enthusiastic – check. Smart – check. Weird obsession with office supplies – double check.
Favourite summer student: Micah

1 package of Lori: Who spends any free moment reading poetry at Chuck E. Cheese establishments.
Least favourite food: Brie

2 quarts of Micah: The last person left in the universe not on facebook.
Favourite ski move: The snow-plow

A dash of Mordy: Who is like a stone wall – nothing phases this guy.
Favourite word: Sciophobia

8 sprigs of Mow: Who cuts himself shaving everyday on the same two spots on his chin.
Favourite TV show: Six Feet Under

3 cans of Rick: Who has the most wrinkle free and best fitting shirts of anyone in the office. What is his secret!?
Favourite casserole: Cod fish

4 bunches of Ryan: Who’s shoes serve two purposes: he can cruise around the office and travel back to the 1930s.
Favourite sauce: Teriyaki

1 jar of Sarah: Who is always telling the same joke – “Energizer bunny arrested and charged with battery”.
Favourite barn structure: Silo

A clove of Stefanie: Who once aspired to be a Pianist until she realized that dream got in the way of her manicures.
Favourite artist: Billy Joel

6 slices of Tracy: Every group needs a Mom, it’s just too bad this one doesn’t cook.
Favourite means of transportation: Wake board

We think the results are pretty appetizing!

[1] Some, or all, of the above statements may be false. Most, or none, of the above statements are based on actual qualities possessed by the named individual.


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3 Responses to You Are Not Alone…by Sarah J. and J.B. P. (Guest Blawgger)

  1. The King of Pop

    You are not alone, I am here with you.

  2. Peja Stojakovic

    anything you say can and will be used against you in a blog of law

  3. Jessica

    "Jessica who"?? I will be back in 2 weeks. You better get excited."New Jersey"?? No B&T; for me!PS very much enjoyed reading Craig's favourite food.